Is The Bedbug Epidemic Finally Ending?

If there was a list of the top most dreaded household pests, bed bugs are bound to be on that list.

The consoling fact about a bed bug is that it is not known to transmit bacteria. Other than that, its other features are pretty bad.

Lately, there has been news of a bed bug epidemic in different parts of the world. The most affected area is Paris.

Paris has been battling with a very severe case of bed bug infestation in most parts of the country. Many measures have been undertaken to curb the spread of bedbugs, but it seem to be escalating.

To understand the severity of bedbugs infestation, you need to first learn about these dreadful parasites.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood, they are one of the worst kinds of insects to invade a home.

Bed bug bites do not transmit bacteria but they are not harmless, especially when the bites are countless. Their bites cause skin irritations like rashes, redness of skin, and blisters. They can also lead to allergic reactions.

How are bed bugs distributed?

Bed bugs can be distributed in various ways. They like to hide in hidden areas or items like clothes, bags, cushions, beds, etc.

When you visit a home with bed bugs, one or more can stick to your clothes or bags and you unknowingly take it home with you.

It goes both ways, either you bring it to your home from an infested area, or someone or something from an infested area can distribute it.

If not detected on time, the bed bugs can easily multiply into hundreds. It takes just one bed bug to cause a serious bedbug infestation in a building. Bed Bugs can lay up to ten eggs in a day, imagine what they can do in a month.

What are the best ways to get rid of bedbugs?

1. Prevention

Since the spread of these insects is becoming viral, you need to be more careful about where you go, where you sit, and what you carry to your home. The trick is to double-check yourself before entering your home or workplace.

2. Frequently clean and vacuum your home

This is the best way to ensure that you maintain a bed-bug-free home. Vacuum every corner and part of your home, including your cushion and bed. Wash your clothes regularly too.

3. Employ the assistance of professional exterminators

This is very important for buildings that are already experiencing bed bug infestation. As long as the crisis has gotten out of hand, you need the help of experts.

This method of getting rid of bed bugs is more important for areas like Buffalo, NY, where the crisis is a bit severe.

There are various Buffalo pest control companies, you can always request their services to help you handle the bed bug crisis in your building.

4. Evacuate the building for some time

This is applicable for buildings experiencing more severe infestation. For example, a hotel or clothes store experiencing a severe bed bug epidemic should be shut down for a while.

You can not do a serious bedbug extermination when guests are still lodged in your hotel, or when you have customers in your store.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs in your building is by evacuating it, cleaning it, and then getting a professional exterminator to run a thorough examination of your building.

Is the Bedbug Epidemic Ending?

This is a recurring question, especially since the bed bug crisis in different areas started making the news.

Some areas of New York are currently experiencing bedbug bedbug crisis. Some cities like New York City and Buffalo, rank amongst the highest infested areas in the state.

Well, the truth is, putting an end to the bed bug pandemic requires a more tactical approach.
Bed Bugs can survive for 300 days without eating, that’s almost a year. What this means is that getting rid of these gross insects requires more drastic measures.

The key to handling the spread of bed bugs is preventing it or at least detecting it at an early stage.

It is easier to manage a bed bug crisis when it is still in its early stages. Once it remains for even a month, getting completely rid of these unwanted pests becomes very difficult.

Hopefully, government bodies from the various infested areas will come up with a solution to completely terminate these blood-sucking insects. For now, they are doing all they can to contain the spread of the insects.


The bed bug epidemic is gradually turning into a worldwide crisis, as several big cities are experiencing a rise in bed bug infestation.

Different measures have been taken by the various countries experiencing the bed bug crisis, to minimize the spread of the insects.

While the authorities are doing their part to put a stop to the spread of bed bugs, you need to ensure you play your part, by preventing it from getting to your property.

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