The mystique of Tuckerman Ravine has lured skiing and climbing adventurers to its headwall and gullies for over three quarters of a century. As early as 1925 people such as hut man Joe Dodge, photographer Winston Pote, and skiers Al & Herb Sise threaded the narrow foot-paths linking the slopes of the ravine to Pinkham Notch. It wasn't until the 1930's that former Olympians and Dartmouth skiers, Charley Proctor and John Carlton dared to adventure over the 50+ degree headwall and inadvertently founded extreme skiing.

The ravine was the site of the first ever Giant Slalom race, the infamous Inferno, the Eastern Downhill Championships and the Olympic Trials. Steeped in history and rich alpine skiing tradition, and reinforced with legends like Toni Matt's schuss of the headwall to feed the mystique, the ravine became the spring Mecca for thousands of skiers and outdoor enthusiasts for the next seven decades. 

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