Broadband WiFi Safety Project

Mount Washington has a notorious reputation for challenging weather conditions and a history of accidents and incidents that are often life threatening and that typically involve extensive search and rescue operations. During such emergencies, the ability to effectively coordinate communications can often make the difference between life and death. 

The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine supports the work and mission of the US Forest Service Snow Rangers and the Mount Washington Avalanche Center as part of our overall mission to preserve and protect this unique recreational resource.

This year, one of our key fundraising projects involves conducting feasibility studies to implement new high speed wireless Internet capabilities at the USFS Hermit Lake shelter. Initial testing is scheduled for the summer of 2017 and we need help to cover the costs of this project that will include the design and implementation phases of a high speed wireless communications link between Tuckerman Ravine and the Wildcat ski area. The primary aim of this project will be to bring reliable, high-speed Internet capabilities to this remote area in support of USFS Snow Ranger operations. It is also expected that an improved Internet access capability will serve as a critical communications link during emergency situations so there is a strong public safety component to this project as well. Your donations will go towards making this project a reality by allowing us to invest in new hardware, software and communications contracts.


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