A note from the Executive Director

As the new Executive Director of the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine, I look forward to welcoming new and existing members to our new "nation". Please be patient as we migrate to a new website using a terrific new web platform called NationBuilder. I would encourage old and new members to login to the site and to engage with our organization as much as possible, both online and in person.

Over the coming months we will be putting together new events that volunteers and "friends" can participate in, including of course our famous Tuckerman Inferno and Wildcat Wildfire races to be held in the Spring of 2014. But we're not just about races and athletic competition, we're all about having a good time, in any season when you visit Tuckerman Ravine and it's environs. We would look forward to you sharing your Tuckerman experiences with us via our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

Feel free to reach out and contact me directly if you'd like to get involved or have any questions on how the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine organization can assist you in enjoying this special place.

Peter Nelson

Executive Director

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Avalanche Boards

Working in concert with the USFS, FOTR has built and funded a new set of avalanche advisory kiosks at Hermit Lake and the Harvard Cabin locations. These kiosks help backcountry skiers, climbers and hikers by providing updates on current snow conditions and avalanche assessment. We encourage all backcountry travelers to pay attention to these warnings and to travel with appropriate equipment and knowledge to minimize risks and to maximize your own safety preparedness. In the winter months, a beacon, probe and shovel should the part of the standard safety gear your carry in this terrain, along with the knowledge and training on how to use them. 



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USFS Cabin Flooring


usfs_cabin.jpgThe USFS cabin at Hermit Lake is an old structure in need of regular ongoing maintenance and repair. The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine provided financial assistance to the USFS in order to improve and sustain this cabin location, especially during the brutal winter months when the USFS Snow Ranger team makes it their headquarters during avalanche monitoring activities and winter snow and ice conditions reporting. The cabin also serves as a base for search and rescue activities and related first aid dispatch in Tuckerman and Huntington ravines. 

There are a number of important infrastructure projects and initiatives needed to keep the Hermit Lake cabins in good operating condition. A priority for the 2013-14 winter season was the replacement of the worn out and cracked flooring in the cabin.

This project has now been completed thanks to your donations and through the financial support of Friends of Tuckerman Ravine!

Please keep up the good work and show your appreciation for the important work that the Snow Ranger team performs by making a thoughtful contribution to our Hermit Lake Infrastructure Fund. We have more projects coming up that need your support!


Is this any way for a Snow Ranger to live and work?




 Looks and functions a lot better now, don't you agree? Donate now.

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FOTR Job Hazard Analysis

published WMNF AAT Manual in Trails 2014-09-22 10:50:20 -0400


published Trails 2014-09-22 10:34:10 -0400

Trail Work

Tuckerman_Ravine_Trail.jpgTuckerman Ravine Trail closure and update

The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine is the official trail adopter for the John Sherburne Ski Trail and the Gulf of Slides Ski Trail. We do not limit our trail maintenance activity to just these two trails as we do aim to provide stewardship for the entire trail system in the Cutler River drainage and on the eastern slopes of Mount Washington New Hampshire as time and resources permit. Our primary focus, in conjunction with oversight and review by the USFS White Mountain National Forest staff, is to preserve and protect the environment as well as the historic recreational legacy that these two heavily used backcountry ski trails provide to the general public.

To support our trail stewardship program we encourage volunteers to join our trail crew and to join us on designated trail maintenance projects that we coordinate each year. We also encourage donations to our Trail Fund to help us purchase equipment and supplies for trail maintenance projects. In conjunction and coordination with the USFS/WMNF staff we offer training to volunteers that want to become trail supervisors to help oversee other volunteers working on the trails we maintain. 

Description of services performed by FOTR trail crews

As part of the Androscoggin Ranger District Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) program, the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine (FOTR) has officially adopted two trails, the John Sherburne Ski Trail and the Gulf of Slides Ski Trail. trail crew volunteers will work within the guidelines of the AAT program to complete Level 1 trail maintenance as outlined in the WMNF AAT manual. Level 1 maintenance includes:


  • “Brushing in” or clearing vegetation encroaching into or growing within the existing boundaries of the ski trail, and removal of blowdowns from with the trail corridor. This work will be done with hand tools, such as loppers, hand saws, and axes. Axe and crosscut saw users are required to have attended a WMNF training prior to cutting. The use of power saws will be restricted to only those volunteers who have the appropriate level of training and current USFS certification.
  • Ensuring proper functioning of drainage features such as waterbars, drainage dips, and side ditches. This work involved digging tools such as shovels, mattocks, and rock bars.
  • Ensuring the trails are appropriately marked with signs, blazes, or ski trail markers. FOTR will monitor existing markers and notify the Androscoggin trails program supervisor or Snow Rangers if additional trail markers or signs need to be installed.

Further guidance may be found in the White Mountain National Forest Adopt-A-Trail manual or in consultation with Snow Rangers or the Androscoggin Ranger District trails program supervisor. Project work in addition to Level 1 maintenance may be performed under this agreement if arranged through WMNF staff.


Prior to engaging in volunteer work, volunteers must understand the risks involved in volunteer work of this type and how to protect themselves from harm. To this end:

  • FOTR maintains a list of volunteers, including the dates and locations they worked. This list will be made available to the USFS staff (e.g. the Androscoggin District volunteer coordinator) upon request.
  • FOTR will conduct a “tailgate safety meeting” before commencing work each day. In this meeting, A representative from FOTR will review the weather forecast and Job Hazard Analysis, ensure each participant is prepared for the day (PPE, food, water, clothing, etc.), and provide an opportunity for volunteers to voice any safety concerns or questions they may have.
  • FOTR will have a “check-in/check-out” system to keep track of when volunteers are arriving and departing.
  • A first aid kit must be carried by at least one member of the group. Each person in the group should know who is carrying it and where that person will be.
  • FOTR will provide tools and equipment and maintain them in good working order. If necessary, USFS tools may be available upon request.
  • Any accidents, incidents, or near-misses will be reported to WMNF staff as soon as possible.
  • USFS will provide a Job Hazard Analysis. This document will be reviewed annually by WMNF staff.
  • USFS will provide training to representatives of FOTR or to volunteers as appropriate.



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Tuckerman Inferno Information

Check the following links for more information on the Tuckerman Inferno race event:

commented on 2014 Inferno Race Results 2014-04-21 12:51:43 -0400 · Flag
Apologies for the delayed reaction on getting race results posted. Came down with a cold after the race and got sidelined. Please report any discrepancies you may find in result times and/or associated team and individual names.
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Become a Tuckerman Inferno Sponsor

The Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon is our major annual fundraising event. This well attended, highly visible endurance race is an opportunity for companies to showcase their products and brands to an incredible group of athletes along with their friends & families - all while showing your support for our mission to preserve and protect Tuckerman Ravine and the fragile eastern slopes of Mount Washington, NH and support the Mount Washington Avalanche Center. The following Sponsorship opportunities also include corresponding complimentary one-year corporate membership in the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine:

platinum_medal.pngPlatinum Sponsor ~ $5,000 cash and/or in-kind donations

 Title Sponsor (1)
  • Company Name Added as a "presented by" 
  • Company name & logo on FOTR website on Inferno Race Page Banner
  • Company Name on all Inferno Social Media Posts
  • Co-Host Registration Party & Awards Banquet
  • Banner at racecourse start and finish (you provide us w/banners with name & logo to display) 
  • Large name & logo on race day sponsor board
  • Name & logo in on Top of the race program

gold_medal.pngGold Sponsors ~ $2,500 cash and/or in-kind donations

Leg Sponsors (5) - Run, Kayak, Bike, Hike, Ski Legs; Lodging Sponsor
  • Medium name and logo on racecourse banner
  • Company Name attached to all references to sponsored leg
  • 5 Social Media Posts Leading up to event
  • Pop-Up Tent or Large Banner at Transition Zone
  • Table at Registration party and Awards Banquet
  • Large name and logo on race day sponsor board
  • Large name and logo in the race program
  • Company name and logo on FOTR website 

silver_medal.pngSilver Sponsors ~ $1000 cash and/or in-kind donations

Bib (1), Registration Party (1), Awards Party (1), Transition Zone (5), or Elite Champion (2) Sponsors 
  • Medium name and logo on race day sponsor board
  • Banner at Transition Zone
  • Table at Registration party and Awards Banquet
  • 2 Social Media Posts Leading up to event
  • Medium name and logo in race program
  • Company name and logo on FOTR website

bronze_medal.pngBronze Sponsors ~ Up to $750 cash and/or in-kind donations

Prize/Auction Items, Team, Supporting Cash, Shirt, or Signage Sponsor
  • Small name and logo on race day sponsor board
  • Small name and logo in race program
  • Invite to Registration party and Awards Banquet
  • Company name & logo on FOTR website
  • 1 Social Media post about sponsorship




All Sponsors:  Please send a high-resolution image of your company product logo to our Sponsorship Coordinator. (300 dpi in .jpg or .png format, 490px wide, 439px high)


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Member Benefits

Current members in the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine are eligible to receive and take advantage of special offers made by our many corporate partners and sponsors. One of the benefits of maintaining active membership is access to our exclusive members only rewards program. The FOTR Member Rewards program will only be accessible to members who have created a personal login and whose membership status is current. Expired members can renew their membership to gain access to the FOTR Member Rewards program.

Member rewards may include discount coupons or other special offers to many retail stores, lodging & food establishments and ski areas located throughout New England including those in and around the Mount Washington Valley. 

If you are a current member in good standing, click on the Member Rewards button below to view a list of current benefits.


published Ravine Film Team in Ravine Film Project 2014-02-18 17:18:10 -0500

Ravine Film Team


David Nieman - Producer

Meet the producer! David is a film production major at Emerson College with a minor in Business Studies. Over the past few years, he has worked on composites for the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, The Guardian Project for the NHL, and several independent films. 

During his time at Emerson, he has been drawn to true stories told through documentaries. This interest has led his involvement as the president of Emerson's only documentary-specific organization, Captured Emotion. He has worked on films covering the Occupy movement, a dam removal in Washington, a story of redemption in Texas, and a tale of immigration, family conflict and closure. 

While pursuing his film production degree, he hopes to continue telling intriguing stories through images.



Emily Wald - Associate Producer


Meet one of our Associate Producers! Emily Wald is a BFA Film Production major at Emerson College with a minor in Hearing & Deafness. During her time at Emerson, Emily has worked as an Assistant Director on several narrative short films and has recently begun working as a Producer. Aside from working on Ravine, Emily is currently Producing a short film for her BFA Thesis Project that will be shooting this coming summer. 

Although Emily primarily works in narratives, she has always loved documentaries because of their ability to share compelling stories that may not have otherwise been told. It is this appreciation that drove Emily to intern at 50 Eggs Films, Inc., a documentary production company based in Wellesley, MA, this past summer. 

Aside from working towards a degree in film production, Emily is also studying American Sign Language (ASL). She hopes to continue expanding her knowledge of ASL throughout her life so she can incorporate it into future projects and professional interactions.

Matt Lowe - Director of Photography


Meet our Director of Photography! Matt Lowe is a recent graduate of Emerson College, where he graduated Suma Cum Laude with a BFA in Film Production and minor in Entrepreneurial Business. The Seattle, Washington native enjoyed an abundance of opportunities throughout his collegiate career from shooting the award winning documentaries Market of Faith in Ethiopia and The Strong People in Washington State to directing the video segments of the EVVYs (the largest student run multicam broadcast show in the country). Additionally, Lowe served as President of the college’s only documentary film organization, Captured Emotion, TAed for the head of Emerson’s cinematography department, and worked as a tech at the Paramount Soundstage in Boston. Lowe crewed on over 30 student film shoots in every position from grip to director of photography. 

Matt now works as a Senior Designer at CoachUp in Boston while freelancing on the weekends with local New England productions. Additionally, Matt is the founder and Creative Director at Quiyk, an athletic apparel company for alternative sports that recently provided jump roping uniforms for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

In his free time, Matt enjoys swimming with baby otters, card stacking in the dark, and maintaining his voluptuous facial hair.




Alex - Cameraman

Meet our Camera Operator! Alex is a senior cinematography major at Emerson College. He has a passion for using light and camera to create sequences and shots to tell a story. Alex has a particular interest in using documentary cinema to combine truth and art. Alex has worked as a cinematographer, camera operator and camera assistant on a range of independent narrative and documentary films.

Alex hosts a hip hop radio show on WECB. In his spare time, Alex enjoys running and playing tennis. Alex looks forward to getting married this May to his best friend.




Sam Kirsch - Editor

SamKIrsch.jpgMeet our Editor! Sam Kirsch is a junior Post Production major at Emerson. Over the last few years she has a edited a variety of television content for The Emerson Channel, Emerson Independent Video, and The EVVY Awards, and wanted to try her hand at film with Ravine. Having always had an interest in documentaries, she hopes to be able to help David and the crew tell a story and capture an audience. Plus, slow-motion skiing footage is always fun to work with!





Emily Abi-Kheirs


Meet our other Associate Producer, Emily Abi-Kheirs! Emily is a junior Documentary Production major with a minor in Political Communications at Emerson. Over the past few years, Emily has been involved with The 

EVVY Awards, Emerson Independent Video, and the Emerson Channel. 

Emily recently interned with Skydive New England. Her love for extreme sports and documentaries is what makes her so interested in this film. As a native New Englander, she is excited to be a part of Ravine as well.



Paulina.jpgMeet our marketing team! Paulina is a junior film production major at Emerson College. Over the past few years, she has worked on projects ranging from narrative films to television web series, working as everything from a production assistant to director of photography. She has also done marketing work for Captured Emotion Documentaries, Atlas magazine, and Emerson College Quidditch. 

Besides dedicating her time to the various organizations she’s involved with at Emerson, Paulina also likes partaking in outdoor sports, like stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, and both skiing and snowboarding. She is excited to work on Ravine and help make this unique documentary possible.

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Become a Sponsor

The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine is a member and volunteer driven organization and we depend on the support and generosity of many sponsors and corporate members who, in addition to our regular individual and family members, volunteers, and benefactors help us succeed through donations and various in-kind gifts and contributions. Please consider becoming involved through any one of these sponsorship and/or partner programs:

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Join Now

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Donna Woodward

donna_w.jpgDonna is a true native of the Mount Washington Valley. Born in Fryeburg in 1950. Graduate of Fryeburg Academy in 1968. She has two sons, Rob in Massachusetts, and Jim in New York City.

Donna has had many careers throughout her years in the work force ranging from entertainment, real estate, food service, the arts, health, manufacturing, industrial, and politics. Through the years she has built a strong background in management, media, and marketing. She started her own company, Business Enhancements, in 1998 which leverages her strengthens in the corporate business world, and especially in the nonprofit sector.

You will find Donna involved in several community events, many of which she has created herself. As a result of her tireless efforts she has received many awards and recognitions some of which include Woman of the Year Award 2000, National Registry of Who's Who 2003, Congressional Leadership Award 2003, Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2004, and the MWV Treasure Award 2009. She sits n the Advisory Board of the Conway Humane Society and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. She has served on many boards such as FOTR, White Mtn Center for Creative Development, White Mtn Jazz & Blues Festival, founder and Chair of the Miranda Diabetes Fund, and founder and co-chair of the Fryeburg Aquifer Resource Committee. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Council, and the National Association of Professional Women. 

Currently she is the publisher and editor of the Mount Washington Valley Relocation, Resource and Business Directory Book, The Fryeburg Town Matters News, and the Brownfield Gazette. Annual projects include Valley Pride Day (litter clean-up every spring) and a Kennett High School Sports Book. She is very pleased to be the Office Manager for FOTR and looks forward to a long and propserous association with them. 


published Board Members in About 2013-10-03 16:46:39 -0400

Board of Directors

FOTR Board Member and Staff Directory

Peter Nelson Executive Director
Jake Risch President, Race Director
Jon Erickson Director, Treasurer
Marc Hauser Director, Secretary
Bruce Doten Director
Dan Houde Director
Ken Lubin Director
Mike Bellino Director
Bethann Swartz Director


Minutes of Board Member meetings can be found here.

The FOTR Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here.

Board Members can submit a new Conflict of Interest Report here.

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published Projects 2013-10-03 10:33:21 -0400

What we do

The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine (FOTR) work closely with the U.S. Forest Service as part of a cooperative framework for activities and operations in and around the Cutler River Drainage (CRD) on Mount Washington, within the White Mountain National Forest; including, but not limited to, Tuckerman Ravine

The Forest Service manages the Cutler River Drainage on Mount Washington for outstanding recreation opportunities and resource protection as part of the mission to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation's forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations. As part of FOTR's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the USFS, we strive to: 

  1. Provide financial support for the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, including general program supplies, first aid equipment, search & rescue supplies, program infrastructure, and coordination with Forest Service personnel.
  2. Provide financial and other support for trails and backcountry programs within the CRD, including volunteer support for trail maintenance and site rehabilitation with a focus on the John Sherburne and Gulf of Slides ski trails.
  3. Provide field volunteer support for the USFS Snow Rangers and backcountry patrol program within the CRD to support visitor information and education in summer and fall seasons. 
  4. Support and fund educational and informational efforts related to the CRD. 
  5. Conduct fundraising campaigns for capital projects identified as priorities by the Forest Service (see below). 
  6. As appropriate and specific to their respective missions, support membership and fundraising efforts of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol (MWVSP).

For more information on planned projects that we are seeking financial and volunteer support on, as well as past projects that your contributions to the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine have funded, please click through on the links below. For new planned projects that you can help make a difference on, please also refer to our Event Schedule, specific fundraising project pages, and Volunteer solicitations as found on the other pages of our website.

Planned Projects that need your support

  • Broadband WiFi internet connection for the USFS Snow Rangers at Hermit Lake
  • Utility Shed - replacement of old structure to house USFS snow mobiles, tools and other gear

Past Projects that you have helped to succeed and complete

Long Term Financial Support Needed For:

  • Forest Service Pisten Bully Capital Campaign: Goal: $21,000 per annum needed
  • Forest Service Pisten Bully Repair & Maintenance Program:Goal = $1,000 per annum              
  • Forest Service Snowmobiles Repair & Maintenance Fund: Goal = $1,000 per annum


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Lifetime Members

published Ski Resorts in Sponsors 2013-06-19 22:32:22 -0400

Ski Resort Sponsors & Supporters

10_year_Logo.pngSki Resort Ten Year Sponsors

The following Ski Resorts are proud 10 Year - Second Decade Members who have committed to supporting the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine financially over the long term. We want to thank all of them for their ongoing support and commitment. We hope you and your friends will recommend and patronize these ski areas when you plan your next resort-based ski outing. You can click through on any ski area listed below to visit their website, like them on Facebook, subscribe to their twitter feed or quickly link to and read their uphill ski policy. There's never been a better time to show your support!  #supportyourresort

Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Attitash - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Mad River Glen - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Bretton Woods - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Mount Sunapee - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Bromley - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Nashoba Valley
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Cannon - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Okemo - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Cranmore - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Shawnee Peak - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Great Glen Trails Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Sugarbush - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Killington - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Sugarloaf - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   King Pine - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Sunday River - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Loon - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Wachusett - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Waterville Valley Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Wildcat - uphill policy

Use the above links to navigate to the corresponding resort's web pages and social media sites for updates on current conditions and other happenings. We're following them, are you? Please patronize these resorts when you have a choice of where to ski.

Ski Resort Annual Supporters

We encourage every ski area to support the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine – where the ski season extends longer than anywhere else in the Northeast! For those ski areas that can't commit to the Ten Year Sponsor level, we offer an annual corporate membership rate too. Please join our list of annual Ski Area Supporters and help us recruit new members and new skiers to keep the stoke alive! These ski areas are helping their fan base find turns well into May, June, and yes, sometimes even into July! The skiing in Tuckerman Ravine is always FREE and those same intrepid skiers will be soon be looking forward to a new ski season at your resort too. We ask all our members to patronize our ski resort supporters when they have a choice of where to ski in-bounds. What goes around comes around... #supportyourresort

Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Mount Abram Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Jay Peak
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Burke Mountain - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Magic Mountain
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Bolton Valley - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Pats Peak - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Dartmouth Skiway Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Black Mountain NH
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Ragged Mountain - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Black Mountain ME - uphill policy
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Whaleback Mountain - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Jackson XC
Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Mount Snow - uphill policy Twitter.jpgfacebook.jpg   Your resort here!

If your ski area is not listed here, ski area sponsors can sign up here to join and become a Ski Area Supporter for the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. Your participation and support will help us preserve and protect Tuckerman Ravine - the birthplace of extreme skiing in North America! We need your support and we want your company up on the headwall skiing with us too! If you want to report a broken link, or to highlight something unique and special about your resort, contact us!

If you are an existing ski area partner and want to document your donation of lift pass vouchers for tax deduction purposes, use this form to record your most recent contribution and receive back a printable receipt. If you'd like to create a special offer to active FOTR members, we have a members only rewards page where you can offer up a digital discount coupon or other incentive aimed exclusively at active members in our organization. 





New Member Special Promotion - Join and Ski Free

Sign up as a new FOTR member at the annual Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo and we'll give you a free lift ticket thanks to one of our sponsoring ski resorts (subject to availability). Come meet with us in person and learn about the projects we have planned this year and how you can volunteer to help, or show up to register for the Tuckerman Inferno, pick up some FOTR merchandize and show some love for Tuckerman Ravine and some of the best backcountry skiing and riding that New England has to offer!

You will still be able to take advantage of our New Member Signup Offer that includes a free ski voucher for use during the current winter/spring season at one of our Supporting Ski Areas when you sign up as a new member! This offer is good until all ski vouchers are used up and accounted for. Ski Tickets/Vouchers will be given out on a first come, first served basis at the Boston Ski Expo so come by our booth and chat with us about Tuckerman Ravine and the USFS/Mount Washington Avalanche Center whom we support through your contributions. After the Boston Ski Expo is over, we will provide a link to sign up online as a new member for any vouchers still remaining. We will continue to honor this special offer until all ski ticket vouchers have been accounted for. This is a great way to show your support for our cause and to make a tax-deductible contribution while enjoying the benefits of a free ski pass!

Tuckerman Ravine - Birthplace of extreme skiing in North America! 




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published Bretton Woods in Ski Resorts 2013-06-19 22:08:08 -0400

Bretton Woods

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