A note from the Executive Director

As the new Executive Director of the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine, I look forward to welcoming new and existing members to our new "nation". Please be patient as we migrate to a new website using a terrific new web platform called NationBuilder. I would encourage old and new members to login to the site and to engage with our organization as much as possible, both online and in person.

Over the coming months we will be putting together new events that volunteers and "friends" can participate in, including of course our famous Tuckerman Inferno and Wildcat Wildfire races to be held in the Spring of 2014. But we're not just about races and athletic competition, we're all about having a good time, in any season when you visit Tuckerman Ravine and it's environs. We would look forward to you sharing your Tuckerman experiences with us via our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

Feel free to reach out and contact me directly if you'd like to get involved or have any questions on how the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine organization can assist you in enjoying this special place.

Peter Nelson

Executive Director

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2019 Inferno Race Results

How to be a Food & Dining Establishment Partner

Corporate Membership - join on an annual renewal basis as a corporate member to have your company name and logo listed on our Food and Dining Establishment page, including links back to your own website as well as Facebook page and twitter feed. Once you are registered as a corporate member and are accepted into our Food and Dining Establishments program, you can proudly download and display the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine logo on your website (please link that image back to our website too!). 

Inferno Sponsor - our annual Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon event brings hundred of athletes and their guests into the MWV every year. The Inferno offers food and dining establishments another opportunity to put your business front and center with attendees of this event. Inferno Sponsorship includes all of the perks of Corporate membership plus direct mention in our race handbook, on Inferno web pages and various levels of visibility during the race weekend depending on your preferred sponsorship level. Visit our page on Inferno Sponsorship levels to help determine your level of interest and contact us to discuss any type of special offers or rates that you might be able to offer our volunteers, Inferno athletes, and their guests during this popular race weekend in April. We'll also supply you with another Tuckerman Inferno Sponsor graphic that you can proudly display and link to on your website and social media channels.

Membership Rewards Program - we are developing a new Membership Rewards program that will be offered to new/renewing FOTR members. Active FOTR members will receive a printed Member Rewards Coupon book along with their new membership card as one of the benefits of joining our organization. They will also have online access to a private, members-only web page where they can access discount coupons and/or other offers from you our sponsors. This is an opportunity for your business to offer our active member base a printed discount coupon specific to your business and to have your company name, logo and offer be listed and printed in the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine member rewards booklet. Additional opportunities exist if you would also like to advertise on the front or back inside covers or pages of the member rewards booklet too. Contact us for more details.


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Dartmouth Skiway

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Kate, anyone looking to volunteer at any of the race transition points (other than up on the mountain) should sign up under the Road Safety Team. Thanks for being willing to help out!
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Broadband WiFi Safety Project

Mount Washington has a notorious reputation for challenging weather conditions and a history of accidents and incidents that are often life threatening and that typically involve extensive search and rescue operations. During such emergencies, the ability to effectively coordinate communications can often make the difference between life and death. 

The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine supports the work and mission of the US Forest Service Snow Rangers and the Mount Washington Avalanche Center as part of our overall mission to preserve and protect this unique recreational resource.

This year, one of our key fundraising projects involves conducting feasibility studies to implement new high speed wireless Internet capabilities at the USFS Hermit Lake shelter. Initial testing is scheduled for the summer of 2017 and we need help to cover the costs of this project that will include the design and implementation phases of a high speed wireless communications link between Tuckerman Ravine and the Wildcat ski area. The primary aim of this project will be to bring reliable, high-speed Internet capabilities to this remote area in support of USFS Snow Ranger operations. It is also expected that an improved Internet access capability will serve as a critical communications link during emergency situations so there is a strong public safety component to this project as well. Your donations will go towards making this project a reality by allowing us to invest in new hardware, software and communications contracts.


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Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson is the Executive Director for the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. He brings a diverse business background to the table including previous nonprofit work with the citizen-science based Earthwatch Institute in addition to many hours of volunteer work with other nonprofits. Peter has launched more than one successful high-tech company and is putting his business accumen to work by helping FOTR transform it's internal systems and procedures while at the same time focusing on new fundraising initiatives and membership development.

Pete's been an active four season outdoor enthusiast his whole life and has introduced many friends and family to Tuckerman Ravine and environs. An avid skier, telemarker and hiker keeps him actively engaged in exploring our mountain habitats whenever possible. 


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Dan Houde

Dan House bio under construction

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Ken Lubin

Ken Lubin bio under construction

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posted about Deck Donations on Facebook 2015-10-08 15:29:27 -0400
I made a donation to Friends of Tuckerman Ravine deck replacement project. Please join me in saving the HoJo deck!

Deck Donations

$595.00 raised
GOAL: $20,000.00

The iconic deck at Hermit Lake, more affectionately known as "HoJo's" is in desperate need of repair. Your donation will help us procure building materials, supplies and labor to disassemble, remove, and replace the deck structure and surrounding wind screen wall protection. Won't you please help make this project a reality in 2015? We appreciate your support and generosity!


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Polecat Ski and Sports Club

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Food & Dining Establishments

Everyone that skis, hikes or climbs Tuckerman Ravine gets thirsty and hungry! If you are a local business providing a special dining experience of interest to any visitor in the greater Mount Washington Valley region, then please support the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine as a corporate sponsor. We encourage every business that offers food and beverages to the public to join us in quenching the thirst and appetites of our members, Inferno athletes, and associated friends and families.

We appreciate food and dining establishments that support not only our efforts to preserve and protect Tuckerman Ravine through their generous direct contributions, but we like to highlight them as Food & Dining Establishment Partners too, especially when they are able to offer a members only discount or special pricing on a meal, a drink or any other food related item.

If you are willing and able to offer our fan base any type of special offer, then we hope you will consider advertising as a member rewards partner with the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. By doing so, we offer advertising space and visibility to our membership/fan base via our website, including regular posts and updates regarding your special offers and deals targeting our members. There are several ways you can become involved and participate as a Food & Dining Establishment Partner with the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine, click here to learn more.

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine Food & Dining Partners


Click here to learn more about becoming a Food and Dining Establishments Partner

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Utility Shed

Proposed Expanded Storage Facility & Utility Shed


Old shed

The USFS Snow Ranger program maintains several buildings at the base of Mount Washington in Pinkham Notch. These structures house equipment and materials critical to the daily operations of the Mount Washington Avalanche Center. The US Forest Service is the lead agency in charge of Search and Rescue in the Cutler River Drainage from December 1 to May 31 each year. The Snow Rangers are frequently on duty in the Ravines, and are on call during this entire time frame for emergency operations. Thus, it is imperative that these facilities and equipment remain in tip top shape to support this mission. The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine raises funds and supplies volunteer resources to assist the Forest Service in this mission. We also use these facilities as a place to store tools for our trail crews and to coordinate and arrange group activities on the mountain, including our own mountain safety team during the annual Inferno race event. 

This year we seek to build a new storage shed to replace an antiquated, small structure that has outlived it's original purpose. Won't you please help us make this new building a reality with a generous contribution? Your financial support could ultimately save a life on Mount Washington, so please help us get this project underway with a donation today!

Use and needFront of old shed

The USFS Snow Ranger program is looking to build a shed at the existing Pinkham Notch Garage location in order to expand storage space. Currently, an 8'x10' shed, used primarily for fuel storage, exists at the proposed site of the new structure. The existing shed would be moved and repurposed to make room for a new utility shed. In order to best meet current and future needs, a new 18' x 20' structure is proposed in order to accommodate 1- 2 snow machines and/or a six wheeled ATV.  Shoulder months with little snow appear to be more regular occurrences and the snow machines allow more rapid access to the USFS Snow Rangers' operational area for day-to-day forecasting operations as well as for rescue and emergency response situations when the larger Pisten Bully vehicle should not or can not be driven.  As shown in the plan view, the overall dimensions of the building accommodate 2 snow machines with space allotted for safe passage around the vehicles as well as some storage space along the walls for tools and equipment. Note that a new snowmobile is drawn to scale in the plan. The other snow mobiles are a bit shorter, the 6 wheeler is a bit wider and shorter.

Site and design considerations

New Shed Site

Construction style will be post and pier to accommodate the slope pitch of approximately 1-2:12. The site chosen will require removal of 10 trees (<4” in diameter each including mountain ash, beech, fir) and some brush. An earthen or gravel ramp may be requiredon one end to level and smooth entrance in order to reduce problems entering and exiting building. A second entrance to serve as an exit in winter months is also desirable but, may be eliminated based if budget constraints exist. Little ground disturbance will be necessary or desired given the rocky soil. Erosion during construction should not be much of an issue. Nearby, downslope terrain is flat and would easily capture minor sediments produced by digging and backfilling holes for piers. Exterior finish details will be typical brown stained or painted wood siding and trim details with brown, five rib steel roofing to reduce snow load. 8-10 pitch gable construction with ridge running the 20’ dimension will reduce snow pile ups at entrance(s). Windows may be added for natural lighting as budget allows. Roof planes will face NW and SE with little opportunity for glare visible from nearby viewpoints due to orientation and remaining canopy.

In the overview of site looking towards the garage, the preferred location of the new structure is the rear corner of the existing garage building.  The snowmobile/ATV approach would be from the left behind the existing garage, and the alternative exit to the right are already cleared of shrubs and larger trees to maintain plow lanes around the existing garage.


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Trail Work

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Summit Conditions

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Weather Conditions

Among other things, Mount Washington NH is known for it's notorious weather conditions that can change on a moment's notice any time of the year. Visitors to the area should diligently check weather forecasts and conditions before heading up into the ravines and especially when heading above treeline. Always be prepared for a change in the weather and in the winter please realize that you could be heading into avalanche terrain. Here are some resources to pay attention to as you plan your trip:

From the Mount Washington Observatory

From the Mount Washington Avalanche Center

From NOAA - National Weather Service - Gray Maine Station


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Avalanche Boards

Working in concert with the USFS, FOTR has built and funded a new set of avalanche advisory kiosks at Hermit Lake and the Harvard Cabin locations. These kiosks help backcountry skiers, climbers and hikers by providing updates on current snow conditions and avalanche assessment. We encourage all backcountry travelers to pay attention to these warnings and to travel with appropriate equipment and knowledge to minimize risks and to maximize your own safety preparedness. In the winter months, a beacon, probe and shovel should the part of the standard safety gear your carry in this terrain, along with the knowledge and training on how to use them. 



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