Trail Crew Volunteers

2014_Sherbie_trail_crew.jpgTrail crew volunteers are critical to the success of our trail maintenance activities. Every year there is an ongoing need to trim back brush and overgrowth on the John Sherburne Ski Trail and Gulf of Slides ski trail so consider this an opportunity to give back after you've enjoyed some nice turns all winter! We also host trail cleanup days and other trail maintenance and repair work. Bridges and water bars are in constant need of care and attention as are the other facilities and infrastructure at Hermit Lake. the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine helps fund all types of trail work activities and your donations are needed and appreciated as we work to keep this area pristine for generations to come.

Some of our trail crew members are listed below. Feel free to reach out and connect with them and consider volunteering to be on a trail crew yourself! If you'd like your name to appear on our trail crew list all you need to do is: 1) Join the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine; 2) Volunteer for a trail day by filling out the necessary online forms; 3) Create a public profile as part of your membership; 4) Make sure we 'tag' you as having completed a volunteer trail crew assignment. Then voila! you'll be added to our esteemed list of trail crew volunteers.

Trail Crew Directory

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