Ravine Film Team


David Nieman - Producer

Meet the producer! David is a film production major at Emerson College with a minor in Business Studies. Over the past few years, he has worked on composites for the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, The Guardian Project for the NHL, and several independent films. 

During his time at Emerson, he has been drawn to true stories told through documentaries. This interest has led his involvement as the president of Emerson's only documentary-specific organization, Captured Emotion. He has worked on films covering the Occupy movement, a dam removal in Washington, a story of redemption in Texas, and a tale of immigration, family conflict and closure. 

While pursuing his film production degree, he hopes to continue telling intriguing stories through images.



Emily Wald - Associate Producer


Meet one of our Associate Producers! Emily Wald is a BFA Film Production major at Emerson College with a minor in Hearing & Deafness. During her time at Emerson, Emily has worked as an Assistant Director on several narrative short films and has recently begun working as a Producer. Aside from working on Ravine, Emily is currently Producing a short film for her BFA Thesis Project that will be shooting this coming summer. 

Although Emily primarily works in narratives, she has always loved documentaries because of their ability to share compelling stories that may not have otherwise been told. It is this appreciation that drove Emily to intern at 50 Eggs Films, Inc., a documentary production company based in Wellesley, MA, this past summer. 

Aside from working towards a degree in film production, Emily is also studying American Sign Language (ASL). She hopes to continue expanding her knowledge of ASL throughout her life so she can incorporate it into future projects and professional interactions.

Matt Lowe - Director of Photography


Meet our Director of Photography! Matt Lowe is a recent graduate of Emerson College, where he graduated Suma Cum Laude with a BFA in Film Production and minor in Entrepreneurial Business. The Seattle, Washington native enjoyed an abundance of opportunities throughout his collegiate career from shooting the award winning documentaries Market of Faith in Ethiopia and The Strong People in Washington State to directing the video segments of the EVVYs (the largest student run multicam broadcast show in the country). Additionally, Lowe served as President of the college’s only documentary film organization, Captured Emotion, TAed for the head of Emerson’s cinematography department, and worked as a tech at the Paramount Soundstage in Boston. Lowe crewed on over 30 student film shoots in every position from grip to director of photography. 

Matt now works as a Senior Designer at CoachUp in Boston while freelancing on the weekends with local New England productions. Additionally, Matt is the founder and Creative Director at Quiyk, an athletic apparel company for alternative sports that recently provided jump roping uniforms for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

In his free time, Matt enjoys swimming with baby otters, card stacking in the dark, and maintaining his voluptuous facial hair.




Alex - Cameraman

Meet our Camera Operator! Alex is a senior cinematography major at Emerson College. He has a passion for using light and camera to create sequences and shots to tell a story. Alex has a particular interest in using documentary cinema to combine truth and art. Alex has worked as a cinematographer, camera operator and camera assistant on a range of independent narrative and documentary films.

Alex hosts a hip hop radio show on WECB. In his spare time, Alex enjoys running and playing tennis. Alex looks forward to getting married this May to his best friend.




Sam Kirsch - Editor

SamKIrsch.jpgMeet our Editor! Sam Kirsch is a junior Post Production major at Emerson. Over the last few years she has a edited a variety of television content for The Emerson Channel, Emerson Independent Video, and The EVVY Awards, and wanted to try her hand at film with Ravine. Having always had an interest in documentaries, she hopes to be able to help David and the crew tell a story and capture an audience. Plus, slow-motion skiing footage is always fun to work with!





Emily Abi-Kheirs


Meet our other Associate Producer, Emily Abi-Kheirs! Emily is a junior Documentary Production major with a minor in Political Communications at Emerson. Over the past few years, Emily has been involved with The 

EVVY Awards, Emerson Independent Video, and the Emerson Channel. 

Emily recently interned with Skydive New England. Her love for extreme sports and documentaries is what makes her so interested in this film. As a native New Englander, she is excited to be a part of Ravine as well.



Paulina.jpgMeet our marketing team! Paulina is a junior film production major at Emerson College. Over the past few years, she has worked on projects ranging from narrative films to television web series, working as everything from a production assistant to director of photography. She has also done marketing work for Captured Emotion Documentaries, Atlas magazine, and Emerson College Quidditch. 

Besides dedicating her time to the various organizations she’s involved with at Emerson, Paulina also likes partaking in outdoor sports, like stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, and both skiing and snowboarding. She is excited to work on Ravine and help make this unique documentary possible.

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