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Ravine is a documentary film about Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington; a place known equally for its beauty, adventure, and challenge. This film will capture the ravine’s history, majestic beauty and stories from the many different people who climb and ski every spring despite its inaccessibility, extreme weather and avalanche danger. RAVINE seeks to discuss the age-old question: why do we continually search for ways to push our limits in extreme areas and conditions? Tuckerman Ravine, and the greater Mount Washington area, presents a unique place unlike anywhere else on the East Coast. We believe that such an intriguing location deserves to be shared with a widespread audience.

This documentary will profile Tuckerman Ravine in ways not yet captured. New, lighter camera technology, slow motion video, and small aerial cameras will display the grandeur surrounding the ravine's spring skiers. We desire to take a cinematic-storytelling approach to this project. Interviewing generations of skiers and recording their experience through the years, we'll explore what continues to draw adventurers spring after spring.

The Ravine Team

All of the individuals working in lead crew positions for RAVINE are either current students or graduates of Emerson College in Boston. They bring experience and a shared passion for telling stories in new ways to this effort. David Nieman, the project's producer, is a New Hampshire resident. His experiences in the White Mountains combined with a love for all things winter inspired him to pursue this project. Together the team behind RAVINE hopes to bring the story to a broader, enthusiastic audience.

The Challenge

It probably comes as no surprise that a documentary production on an untamed mountain requires a significant amount of equipment. Since we are working to capture the ravine from a uniquely cinematic angle, we will need high quality film equipment that can withstand the weather native to Mount Washington. Aside from equipment that will be used to film RAVINE, the crew will need to be outfitted with winter hiking gear including avalanche tools. In addition to these expenses, we will also need to pay for transportation, food and other extraneous fees. Following Ravine's production, we will need funding for hard drives and other post production and distribution related costs. Ultimately, we hope to share this project with many people by entering film festivals which generally involve fees. Before we can create and share the high quality film we envision, we need your help!

The Plan

RAVINE is a non-profit project, and is being produced in association with the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. In coordination with this organization, funding and donations for the project are considered tax deductible donations to the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. Any income generated from the project following the film's release will be contributed to the annual operating fund for Friends of Tuckerman Ravine in order to help them continue their efforts to maintain and grow the organization's membership and to host events such as the traditional and historic Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon held every spring. Donations to this project went directly towards production and distribution of this film. If you represent a company or organization that would like to become connected with this project, please contact the producer below for more information.


For more information on this project, please contact David Nieman  (603)-848-1893 

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