Race timing Notes

wireless_timer.pngThe Race Timing Team is headed up by Tom Kendal, professional race timer at Bart Race Service. Race timing volunteers and staff will work with Tom and his team to record racers from start to finish and as they pass through each transition point of the pentathlon. Volunteers are expected to be able to meet at 6:00 am sharp at the Inferno race start location and those working on the mountain must be able to get themselves up to the hike-to-ski transition point in Tuckerman Ravine well before any racers are on that section of the course.

At least two volunteers are needed at each transition point. A volunteer must be able to collect the timing devices once the last racer passes through a transition point, and then deliver that equipment to the main timing vehicle typically located at Pinkham Notch. The race timer volunteer on the mountain at the ski start & finish must ski down with all timing gear promptly at the end of the race to get results logged at the race timing motorhome which will be located near the finish line in the Pinkham Notch parking lot. We generally will need four race timing volunteers on the mountain. Volunteers should have a basic understanding of racing and race timing in general. A detail oriented person with good attitude and aptitude for post-race beer drinking will fit in nicely. Ken says you must know how to read and have enough fingers on both hands to hold a timing device and push buttons in the correct sequence! Dexterity with pencil and paper won't hurt either. Consider signing up a buddy to work with you so that you have your own built-in team at the transition point your are assigned to.

The race timing "support" position is a manservant or maiden catering to the whims of Tom Kendall while ensconced in data aggregation mode and race timing results preparation. You must make sure the RV or vehicle housing the computer gear stays warm and dry, that refreshments are at the ready, and be fully prepared for technical computer problems and troubleshooting like having spare battery power, an extra computer and/or printer at the ready and requisite cabling and accessories as may be needed to make sure the race results are promptly forthcoming. What's more is you must be fluent in getting that same results data in shape for posting to the Internet and the FOTR website and will be available during the banquet to work on last minute results disputes and/or adjustments. Maintenance of radio communication with race team staff and volunteers on the mountain is also an important responsibility.


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