Photo & Film Team Notes

Sports_Photographer.jpgThe Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon is a complex and challenging race to document. It consists of five athletic endurance events: an 8 mile run, a 6 mile paddle, an 18 mile bike ride, a 3 mile hike and a 3 mile ski (approximate distances). We are always looking for volunteers to help photograph and film the racers, volunteers and banquet event including the prize winners - so if you are an amateur or professional photographer or videographer and want to contribute to our efforts in this regard please contact us and volunteer for the next Tuckerman Inferno.

Photo and film team volunteers must agree to make all images taken during the race available to the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine at no charge and with no restrictions on use or publication. Professionals can arrange imagery for resale on their private sites under agreement with FOTR. In return for your volunteer services we will also post a link to any creative or professional website or social media feed that highlights your expertise and/or product offerings.

During the banquet event, we need skilled multi-media operators to help setup and configure equipment and to participate in the development of last-minute slide show and film production schedules for the race event. People with good computer skills that know how to get images, movies and large data sets posted to cloud file sharing services and embedded in websites will be most appreciated and useful. We also need to capture images of athletes during the awards ceremony. Unpaid internship opportunities exist to help coordinate web and social media content throughout the calendar year.

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