Tuckerman Inferno Race Rules

ELITE-racer.jpgTeam Classifications

  1. Inferno SPORT Team – a multi-person team consisting of 2,3,4 or 5 racers.

  2. Inferno ELITE Team – a one person team

  3. Tuckerman / Tuckerwoman – Elite single racer top finisher all 5 legs, male/female


Race Rules

  1. The Tuckerman Inferno is limited to 200 total competitors and volunteers within the White Mountain National Forest. Only the hike and ski legs of the race take place within the WMNF, therefore, once this level of racer and volunteer registration has been reached (by any combination of Inferno SPORT Team hiker and skier; ELITE Team hiker and skier; and official Inferno Race Volunteer/Staff, then race registration will be closed to new participants. Friends of Tuckerman Ravine reserves the right to cut off race registration at any point prior to reaching maximum race participant levels.

  2. Team Captains must pick up goodie bags and bibs for their teams either at Tuckerman Brewery on Friday evening starting at 5 pm or at the race start Saturday morning by 6 am. Extra event shirts may be purchased online or at the awards ceremony following the race. Race registration fees must be paid in full prior to starting the race.

  3. All racers must have on file a Liability Waiver and Emergency Contacts form prior to starting the race.

  4. Bib numbers must be visible at the race start, at each transition zone and at the finish line. Bibs must be visible on the person, not the kayak or bike.

  5. Competitors must carry their own ski equipment from the Pinkham Notch bike/hike transition zone to the race finish. This applies to solo and ski leg competitors. 

  6. Support teams may distribute gear to each location’s transition zone with the exception of the hike & ski portion where solo competitors must carry equipment after finishing the bike leg.

  7. Competitors are responsible for getting their equipment in place before the race start.

  8. Competitors in all legs must notify the nearest FOTR event volunteer if they find a fellow competitor injured on the course.

  9. Bikers may not draft.

    1. Use caution on Carter Notch Road as it approaches Jackson Village adjacent to Jackson Falls - you will encounter steep grades, sharp turns, and since the road is open to traffic you must be on the lookout for cars and traffic and follow all traffic laws and posted speed limits.

    2. No team support cars are allowed.

  10. Kayakers must wear helmets and vests/PFD’s and be prepared for icy cold water. It is strongly recommended that you run the river the day before to familiarize yourself with the course.

    1. Kayakers must wear their race numbers on their bodies – numbers taped to kayaks will not be visible at the transition zones and could result in missed times. Taping the bib to your helmet is recommended as it is the most visible location.

    2. The run/kayak transition zone is 150 yards from the river – you may have your boat pre-positioned at the river’s edge, then wait at the transition zone for your runner.

    3. If a fellow paddler is in trouble and no other FOTR volunteer safety kayakers are available you must stop and help!

    4. FOTR will provide safety kayakers on the day of the race only. Any practice runs done beforehand are done on your own at your own risk.

  11. Skiers will be skiing on slopes open to the public, not on a closed course; skiers must follow the skiers safety code at all times.

    1. Any manner of non-mechanical equipment may be used for the ascending portion of the ski/snowboard leg.

    2. No ski or board less than 150 centimeters will be permitted.

    3. Skis or snowboard must be metal-edged.

    4. Skis can be any variety of alpine, alpine touring or telemark style and snowboards can be of any configuration.

    5. Competitors on the Ski Leg are required to carry a Beacon, Probe, and Shovel and pass a beacon check prior to entering avalanche terrain.

  12. Race Registration Cancellation 

    1. Racers can cancel their race registration for a full refund if done so prior to 20 or more days before the planned race date.

    2. Racers canceling their registration within the 20-day window before a race will be issued a 50 percent refund of the race registration deposit paid provided it is more than 5 days out from the start of the race.

    3. Cancellations within the 20-day window due to an unforeseen, documented injury will be subject to a full refund upon review.

    4. Racers canceling within 5 days or less prior to the race date will be issued a credit in the amount of 50% of their paid registration fee to be used on a future race event or other purchase from the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine.
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