Inferno 2021 FAQs

Commonly asked questions can be found below. If you can't find the answer to your question(s) here, feel free to email [email protected] for more details. 

Are studded fat bike tires allowed?


If I'm a solo racer, could my family members carry my skis up to Ho Jo's for me?

No, solo division racers are required to carry their own equipment from Pinkham Notch. Most do this by skinning using AT gear.

When we snowshoe from GG to Pinkham, do we start out from Pinkham lodge?

The Snowshoe starts at the transition zone at Great Glen Trails and finishes at a transition zone that will be in the north end of the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center(PNVC) Parking Lot.

Can the snowshoe and mountain run legs also be done with skinning gear if completing the race solo? 

The snowshoe leg must be on snowshoes. As for the mountain run, since solo competitors are required to carry their own gear up to tucks there is no rule preventing you from carrying your skis on your feet and skinning up. 

As a solo competitor, do I have to carry my alpine touring or snowboarding gear during my snowshoe leg?

You won't have to carry your gear while snowshoeing. The transition zone is 1/4 mile in from the road and we'll have gear racks and volunteers to watch the gear. The transition zone will be at the junction of Connie's Way and the Tuckerman Ravine Trail before the Tuckerman Ravie Trail crosses the cutler river the first time. We will have a dedicated gear pick-up and drop-off parking area by the USFS Garage at the north end of Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. From here it's about 1/4 mile in from the parking lot to drop off your ski kit on the way to the start. 

As a solo racer do I need a team to help place and manage gear during the different legs of the race?

We will have a designated space at each transition zone for racers to pre-position gear. The Start, Bike - XC Ski, and XC Ski - Snowshoe transition zones will all be colocated at Great Glen Trails. The transition zone from the Snowshoe to Mountain Run leg will be at the intersection of Connie's Way ski trail and Tuckerman Ravine Trail, roughly 1/4 mile from the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. We will provide gear racks and volunteers at the transition zone starting at 6 am so that solo racers can pre-stage their skiing kit. Solo racers are required to carry all of their ski gear from Pinkham as part of the race (many will do this by skinning up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail while others think it is faster to hike with the gear on their backs).

We will have a marked-off pick-up/drop-off area in the north end of the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center with the path to the transition zone so racers and/or support crews don't have to worry about parking as they work out their logistics. 

We're currently working out a plan to help solo racers with collecting snowshoes at the end of the race. We'll publish this once the details are ironed out. You will be able to leave your snowshoes at the transition zone.

Does the "Freestyle" XC Ski leg mean skate skiing only?

"Freestyle" in racing terms means all techniques are allowed. In other words, bring the gear you have or do whatever discipline you prefer.

What types of trails (greens, blues, etc.) are planned for the Freestyle XC Ski leg?

The course is still to be determined however, two laps of the Nordic Meister's course is representative. (click here for reference)

Are the 6-mile bike and xc ski at Great Glen a series of laps or a single, 6-mile loop each?

2 laps of a 5k (3.1 mile) loop for each leg.

What type of terrain is to be expected for the ski/snowboard mountaineering leg?

The ski/snowboard mountaineering leg will have both uphill and downhill components.  If we can get up onto the Alpine (Avalanche and Weather dependant) then we typically include a "boot pack" hike from the transition zone up to a Giant Slalom Course that is set in Tuckerman Ravine or Hillman's Highway and then a free ski down the Sherburne Ski Trail.

If weather and avalanche conditions preclude skiing above treeline we will set a course that will still involve an uphill component in terrain that avoids the avalanche, crevasse/undermined snow, icefall, or long sliding fall hazards.

Each year the ski component is a little different and can change drastically even as late as the day of the race. Mt. Washington lives up to its reputation as the home of the world's worst weather. We've been successful by being super flexible with our ski leg route choices.

We hold off on announcing a ski course until we set it on Friday before the race because there is so much that can change.

When will a map of the course be ready?

We'll have the full map Friday at Registration.  The preliminary map is on our website.

With a 1:00 PM cutoff for the last event (ski/snowboard mountaineering), if the skier is not underway by this time, are they not able to do their leg of the relay?

Yes, that is the rule. It is a safety issue. Since (if the weather cooperates) the ski leg involves hiking up and skiing down one of the ski routes in Tuckerman Ravine, the cut-off is to keep folks safe, including the race crew who have to pull the course later in the afternoon when the slope goes into shadow and the spring corn snow freezes into an icy surface. We also have to have the cutoff in order to tabulate the overall results in time for the awards ceremony.

I registered through you to rent snowshoes, what is the process for getting the snowshoes prior to/during the race?

We will have a Snowshoe Pick-up station at the bib pickup Friday evening at Ragged Mountain Equipment. Our volunteer staff at the end of the Snowshoe leg will collect the rental snowshoes from racers when they finish the leg.

Looking to create or join a team?

Click here to locate the teammate finder thread through the event's Facebook page. 

Is there a way to allow Facebook friends to fundraise for me and put that toward my (already paid) $200 registration?

We don't have a dedicated crowdfunding site for this event, however, if you wanted to use GoFundmMe or another similar site to use the event to fundraise to support our mission we would be forever grateful. You could just deduct the $200 registration fee already paid from the total you donate.  

Where can I find the emergency contact documents that I know you'll need?

On Eventbrite you should have had the opportunity to provide emergency contact information. Otherwise, we'll catch up with you at registration.

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