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We're not done yet! Getting close but short on some materials and lumber so we are still fundraising to get what we need to finish this project. Volunteer efforts will be put on hold for the immediate time being until we can work out a new schedule for purchasing the remaining materials, getting it all up there and coordinating USFS assistance to oversee things.

Reminders: Bring a headlamp in case you head back down the mountain later than you planned! We are also asking volunteers to bring safety glasses or some form of eye protection as winds carry debris and demolition work, like pulling nails, can potentially cause injuries. Be prepared.

Volunteers should plan on meeting at 7:00 am at USFS utility building each day before heading up the mountain. If you miss checking in with the snow rangers at the start of the day, seek them out when you hike up to Hermit Lake to check in with them for a safety briefing and volunteer assignment.

Work Plan for Hermit Lake Deck Replacement


All volunteers please take note! Regarding coordination, we will most likely have a Snow Ranger on-site each day to do a daily safety briefing and help to organize work efforts. Volunteers are being asked to meet each morning at the USFS garage at Pinkham Notch at 8:00am. When entering the AMC Joe Doge Lodge/Pinkham Notch parking lot, take a right and proceed past the AMC buildings to the USFS garage (last building on your left).

Volunteers will be asked to sign a Job Hazard Analysisi (JHA) form as part of the morning briefing by USFS snow rangers and before starting work. As one might expect, there are many more signups on weekend days than week days. We will try our best to have work for folks when they come, but people should plan to be flexible in their schedule. We don’t want to turn anyone away, and we will try to keep a punch list of work to do, but everyone will need to be flexible with respect to potential weather cancellations on a day-by-day basis, etc. Check back on this web page for further updates.

Demolition of the deck, stacking and de-nailing debris and stripping siding are where we will need the most manpower. Friday and Saturday of the first week will be focused on demolition work so we can use plenty of volunteers for that effort.

After that, the most efficient setup is usually a handful of people focused on building and carpentry. We can perhaps run 2 groups of 2-5 people for hands on construction but efforts need to be coordinated. The project work plan is expected to get going like this with an ideal allocation of manpower and organization:

Deck-be-gone.jpgPhase I

  • Strip shingles from side of building (on to tarps on deck) - DONE
  • Strip decking - DONE
  • Remove and demo wind screen walls and windows - DONE
  • Demo framing - DONE

Phase II

  • Layout mudsill - DONE
  • Build and set carrying beams - DONE
  • Install rim board on cabin side - DONE
  • Install joists - DONE

Phase III

  • Install handrail posts - DONE
  • Frame bench posts and frame - DONE
  • Begin decking on cabin side - DONE
  • Storypoles - DONE
  • Begin shingling South wall of cabin - UNDERWAY

Phase IV

  • Decking - DONE
  • Benches - DONE
  • Staging for shingling - UNDERWAY

Punch list items still to be done:

  •  Privacy fence for caretaker shower
  •  Deal with final demo debris – short pieces in UTV to parking lot

As with any construction project, schedule is ultimately set by weather, job site conditions, manpower skills, etc.

As far as tools go, we will have a 5,000w generator on hand to run power tools and charge batteries. If we could round up another generator and compressor or gas powered compressor and air tools that might be nice….there are a lot of joist hangers to be installed and beams to be built!

A quick list of tools needed includes:

Personal tools

  • Tool belt
  • Hammer, crow-bar, pry bar (for demolition work)
  • Drill or impact driver or both; with charger
  • Torx bit for GRK screws (T25)

Other assorted items

  • Speed square
  • Carpenters pencils
  • Cat’s paw
  • Chalk box
  • Razor knife

Group tools

  • 10x12 or larger tarps
  • Flat pry bars
  • 3’ Crow bars
  • Air compressor (gasoline powered would be best)
  • Circular saw
  • Jig saw
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Counterbore bit size for #9 GRK screws
  • String
  • Blue chalk
  • Palm nailer
  • Strap shot nailer
  • Framing nailer
  • 4’ level
  • Staging materials

Note: If you arrive at Pinkham Notch later in the morning and miss the sign-in with the USFS snow ranger team, just head up the mountain to Hermit Lake and look for one of the rangers there to let them know you are available to pitch in on the demolition or construction work. You should of course be prepared for changing weather conditions and dress appropriately. Work will commence as soon as the first teams reach Hermit Lake and will continue to approximately 3:00PM weather permitting.





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