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River Safety

RiverSafetyGroup_490px.jpgThe Tuckerman Inferno River Safety Team is responsible for all aspects of river race course preparation, boater safety on the river and emergency response and river rescue. The Saco River is a wild river with unpredictable currents, fallen trees and boulders, and knowledge of river reading is recommended for race participants and volunteers. River safety volunteers will be stationed at various technical locations on the river to assist athletes who capsize.

The kayak-to-bike transition point is typically at the Glen Ellis Campground. Volunteers man this section of the course in boats and on land and will respond to any accidents or emergencies as needed with backup support provided by our partner agencies including the White Mountain Swiftwater Rescue Team (WMSRT). 

River Safety team members should have all their own paddling equipment and gear to participate. Please list specific skills and experience that you have when signing to volunteer. Thanks!

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Race Registration & Banquet Team

The Tuckerman Inferno Race Registration & Banquet Team is responsible for all aspects of the race registration and banquet setup, take-down and coordination. Race registration night happens on the Friday night before the race and is held at the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway. Volunteers will help prepare all racer goodie bags prior to registration night, they will assist in the process of making sure all race bib numbers are assigned and connected with the correct racers, they will assist with the distribution of free Flatbread pizza coupons and help coordinate last minute racer payments and registration details including making sure all racers have signed Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact forms on file prior to the race start. Race registration night may also invoive coordination of various Sponsors who will be on-site presenting their goods and services to race participants. 

Volunteers may also elect to work on the Inferno Awards Banquet which is held Saturday night the day of the race at the Wildcat Mountain ski area base lodge. Banquet night responsibilities include setting up and organizing tables and prizes for the silent auction, sales of silent auction raffle tickets, coordination support and assistance with the PA system and audio visual equipment, coordination and hand out of athlete and team awards, performing emcee duties during award ceremonies, distribution of prizes during the silent auction, photography to accompany prizes and awards ceremonies.

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Road Safety Volunteer SIgnup

safety conseThe Inferno Road Safety Team is responsible for all aspects of the race event that happens along the road ways of the race course. This includes set up and configuration of all road signage & direction markers prior to the race, take-down after the race, and runner & rider safety and traffic control during the race. If you are interested in working at any of the race leg transition areas other than up on the mountain, then you should sign up for the road safety team. 

The road safety coverage area begins at Story Land where the Inferno race start happens. Runners progress up Route 16, turn onto Glen Ledge Road and proceed from there towards and along Route 302 to the Attitash/Thorne Pond kayak transition point. The road safety team also has responsibility from the kayak-to-bike transition point at Glen Ellis Campground as kayakers leave the river and mount their bikes to ride all the way back to Pinkham Notch where they leave the road at the Direttissma parking lot at Pinkham Notch just south of the AMC Visitor Center on Route 16. The road safety team is supplemented by the local Bartlett police department, the Carroll County Sheriff's office and the NH State Police with respect to all public road crossings and traffic control. Volunteers may be asked to assist at one or more of these transition points or road crossings. Other aspects of the job are handing out water and snacks and assisting with gear transport.   Scroll down to sign up as a volunteer...

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