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Tuckerman Inferno Course Description

Detailed Course Description & Map

Pre-race staging and logistics:

Gear staging areas are staffed with race volunteers starting at 6am on race day.

At Great Glen Trails each bib number (team or solo racer) will be assigned a 6’x10’ staging area along the transition loop to the left of the Auto Road at Great Glen Trails.  Racers should use this space to stage equipment, change footwear and clothing between legs, and fuel and rehydrate. Each area will be marked with the assigned bib number prior to the race. Maps with the assigned gear staging area will be provided at the bib-pickup.

The snowshoe - mountain run transition will be in the north end of the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center.  Gear racks will be available for solo’s to stage ski/snowboard leg gear. We will establish a dedicated drop-off/pick-up zone in the north end of the PNVC parking lot and will allow exit-only traffic through the north end gate. FOTR Volunteers will transport any remaining snowshoes to the race finish line once the final snowshoer finishes the leg.

Race Start:

The race starts at 7 AM at Great Glen Trails using a 5-sec interval start format. We will start two racers at a time. We will place orange road cones with bib-numbers on them in the start corral. Racers should find their start position and line up their bikes by 6:50 am. Racers will cross the start in bib number order two at a time every 5 seconds until all bib-numbers are on the course.

Fat Bike:

The Fat Bike Leg starts at 7 AM. Individual Racers time starts at the assigned start time. Racers will complete two laps of a ~3 mile course on the Great Glen Trail network. The final loop will be determined the week before the race but will be roughly equivalent in distance and difficulty to the Great Glen Trails Nordic Meisters 5k loop. After completing the 2nd lap, team racers will “tag” the XC Skier in the transition zone. Solo racers will proceed to the staging area and transition to XC ski gear. The team’s fat bike time stops when the XC skier departs the tag zone. Solo’s time for the fat bike leg stops when the racer departs the transition zone for the XC ski leg.

XC Ski:

The XC Ski Leg begins when a team XC Skier is tagged by the Fat Biker or when a solo racer departs the transition zone on XC skis. This is a freestyle event. Racers can choose to use skate or classical technique or a combination of both. Racers will complete two laps of a ~3 mile course on the Great Glen Trail network. The final loop will be determined the week before the race but will be roughly equivalent in distance and difficulty to the Great Glen Trails Nordic Meisters 5k loop. After completing the 2nd lap, team racers will “tag” the Snowshoer in the transition zone. Solo racers will proceed to the staging area and transition to Snowshoe gear. The team’s XC ski time stops when the snowshoer departs the tag zone. Solo’s time for the XC ski leg stops when the racer departs the transition zone for the snowshoe leg.


The Snowshoe Leg begins when the snowshoer is tagged by the XC skier or when a solo racer departs the transition zone on snowshoes. The snowshoe course follows the Great Glen Trails network including an ungroomed single track for about 1 mile, then travels up the auto road for just under a mile to the Connie’s way backcountry ski trail. Racers follow Connie's Way for approximately 3 miles, taking a left on the Blanchard Loop ski trail and then a right turn to follow the Blanchard Loop/Connie’s way trail to the transition zone at the north end of the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center parking lot. Solo racers will transition to mountain running/skimo gear and team snowshoers will tag the mountain runner. Time for this leg stops with the racer (solo or team mountain runner) departs the transition zone.

Mountain Run:   

The Mountain Run Leg begins when a runner is tagged by the snowshoer or a solo racer departs the transition zone at the north end of the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. Solo’s must carry their ski gear for the skimo/snowboard leg from the parking lot transition zone. Skinning instead of running is allowed. Racers follow the cat track behind the USFS garage and turn right onto the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. Racers follow the Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Hermit Lake, passing hermit lake around the perimeter of the courtyard, and follow trail markers to the designated route to the mountain run - ski/snowboard mountaineering transition zone. 

Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering Leg:

The final route for the Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering Leg will be determined the week prior to the race and announced at the bib pick-up. The final go/no go decision for any portion of the course above the treeline will be made on the morning of the race if weather and snowpack conditions change drastically overnight. The primary objective for the ski/snowboard mountaineering leg includes a Giant Slalom segment above treeline on Mount Washington. The secondary objective is to link a course from the alpine zone to the Sherburne Ski Trail finishing at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. The ski/snowboard mountaineering leg will include both uphill and downhill travel for the racer and may include multiple transitions between up and downhill travel. Uphill travel could be in terrain appropriate for “boot packing”, or “skinning”, or both. There will not be any terrain where the protection of a rope is required, however, long sliding falls may be a hazard. If the conditions allow, this leg will travel through terrain capable of producing avalanches. Racers will have to pass a beacon check prior to entering avalanche terrain and carry at a minimum a probe and shovel. The leg and overall race time finish when the racer crosses the finish line at the end of the ski/snowboard mountaineering course.

Safety Notes:

  • Volunteer Ski Patrol will be stationed along the Snowshoe and Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering course.
  • Report any observed non-life-threatening injury to the next course marshal along the course.
  • Course Marshals will “sweep” the snowshoe, mountain run, and ski/snowshoe mountaineering legs after the final racer departs the transition zones. 
  • Please check in with the closest transition zone/finish if you decide to pull out of the race.
  • While there will be limited water stops, racers should be prepared to fulfill their own hydration and food needs.
  • Racers should be prepared (through a support crew if necessary) to stay/get warm at the end of their leg or race. Mountain Runners especially should plan ahead to have warm layers waiting at the mountain run-ski/snowboard mountaineering transition zone.
  • Beacon, Probe, and Shovel are required gear for the Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering leg. Consider appropriate traction and self-arrest tools if the weather/conditions warrant.
  • Connie’s Way has a damaged bridge that is scheduled for replacement and is not safe to cross. The bridge and an alternate route will be marked, do not use it.  
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing if possible, wear a mask if social distancing is not possible.
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Ski Area Uphill Policies

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Giving Tuesday

Tuckerman Ravine Ski Route Survey

Tell us what your most favorite Tuckerman Ravine ski route of all time is. We'll post what the most popular choices are overall.

published Gulf of Slides Ski Trail in Trails 2017-01-13 11:27:19 -0500

Gulf of Slides Ski Trail

The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine is the official trail adopter for the Gulf of Slides Trail so we welcome volunteers to join our trail crew for scheduled maintenance events. The Gulf of Slides area hosts several challenging ski runs and since it is in avalanche terrain, proper caution and avalanche safety skills are highly recommended for anyone entering this area. 


Resource for this map: Chauvin Guides International - Georeferenced PDF map of Gulf of Slides and Eastern Slopes of Mount Washington in Avenza Map format


Please help us preserve and protect this unique backcountry recreational resource by donating to our cause or by becoming a regular annual member of the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. The funds we raise go back into trail maintenance and infrastructure projects on the eastern slopes of Mount Washington so that future generations can enjoy the thrill of a backcountry ski run on this awe-inspiring terrain!



Reminder that all FOTR trail work volunteers will need to fill out a Trail Volunteer Waiver Form before participating in trail work volunteer days. As part of our stewardship agreement with the USFS, trail volunteers will also be expected to read and sign a Job Hazard Analysis form as well.


In the off-season, you can help us maintain this trail by volunteering on one of our regularly scheduled Trail Crew work days. If you like skiing the backcountry, then you'll know that it's all up to volunteers to keep these runs and glades in optimal ski condition. Please give back and volunteer to be on a trail crew.


This is what the Gulf of Slides trail looks like without snow! Please consider volunteering on a trail crew to keep this run in optimum skiing and riding condition. If you can't come out to help in person, you can still donate to our trail fund which helps support our cause by enabling us to buy tools, supplies and refreshments for other volunteers.


published Graham Trail in Trails 2017-01-13 10:45:14 -0500

Graham Trail

The Graham Trail provides linkage from the Sherburne ski trail to the Boot Spur Trail and the Gulf of Slides trail. It is not a well maintained trail and is a target for future FOTR trail maintenance efforts.



Chauvin Guides International - Georeferenced PDF map of Graham Trail in Avenza Maps format

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Links to Related Content

Links to other sites you may be interested in that support the backcountry ski experience, that work with FOTR to share resources  and to support our cause or align with our mission and the spirit of enjoying recreational opportunities in wild places.







published Footbridge in Projects 2016-07-28 11:09:47 -0400

Footbridge at Pinkham Notch

The footbridge from the Diretissma parking lot to AMC leading to the trail system up to Tuckerman Ravine was another success story brought to you in part by the efforts of the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine and our many members, sponsors and donors.







Next time you cross over the brook and avoid traffic on Route 16, please think about making a donation to support our cause.

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Hermit Lake Water Supply

The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine helped fund the installation of a new drinking water supply at Hermit Lake.


Next time you fill up your water bottle, please consider making a thoughtful contribution so that we can continue with these types of efforts!


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Platinum Sponsors

Auction Contributors

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Trail Crew Volunteers

Trail Volunteer sawingOngoing teams of volunteers are needed to help maintain our existing trail network. FOTR's focus is on maintenance and support of the John Sherburne ski trail and the Gulf of Slides ski trail. We'd love to have a limited number of qualified members sign up to become trail crew chiefs with an ability to maintain your own team of 6-12 trail crew volunteers that you can rally and motivate to participate on scheduled trail days. Trail crew chiefs should have skills in forest/woodlot management, be trained in proper use of tools like chain saws and pruning saws, and be experienced in trail construction techniques.

The work schedule for trail maintenance activities will be posted on the FOTR website and Facebook page on an annual basis. In the meantime, please help us by volunteering and/or making a thoughtful contribution. We are creating and maintaining a directory listing of trail crew volunteers who sign up to work trail crew projects so that you can coordinate with others and to see who else is helping out.

2015 Tuckerman Inferno Race Results


We stepped things up a notch with the 2015 Tuckerman Inferno by offering a cash purse in addition to some excellent prizes from our Tuckerman and Tuckerwoman prize sponsors, namely Parlor Skis and RAMPsports respectively. 

Thanks to all the hard work of our volunteers, race timers, friends and family we pulled off another successful event. Despite some initial threatening weather and potential hazardous avalanche conditions above treeline, race day weather for the most part cooperated yet still posed significant challenges on the forever changeable Inferno race course. Low water levels on the river, strong winds working against bike riders on their way to Pinkham Notch, and dropping temps and precipitation in the afternoon, athletes proved their endurance throughout (hey, so did everyone else for that matter!). 

The overall Tuckerman title goes to Andrew Drummond and the new Tuckerwoman title was earned by Jessica Marion. Congratulations to them and all the other athletes that competed and were champions in the other race categories and team events. You can find a complete set of race results posted below.