2019 Inferno Course Updates and Notes

Attention All Racers and Volunteers!

Please read the following notes and updates pertaining to the 2019 Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon course.

Gear Drop-Off Logistics:

  • Access for gear drop off at the Glen Ledge Campground will close at 8 am.  
  • After 8:00 AM only race staff vehicles will be allowed past the train tracks.
  • Foot and bike traffic will be allowed.
  • All support crews should drop off bikes before 8:00am.  
  • We will provide a shuttle van with a boat trailer from parking at Patches Store into the Kayak - Bike transition zone and back.
  • All kayaks will be transported out to the parking lot behind Patches Store at the completion of the kayak leg where support teams can retrieve boats & gear.
  • View this map for detailed parking logistics at Patches store location

Start - Story Land

Run - Kayak - Thorne Pond Recreation Area

Kayak Leg

  • Immediately below the put in, there is a sharp turn with downed trees to avoid on the right.  It is easily avoidable by looking left, paddling with left boat angle.
  • Other concerns are:
    • The occasional tree branch sticking out from shore
    • Some braided stretches with downed trees,
    • 6-10 foot high walls of residual ice along some sections of the riverbank that block egress
    • and of course the cold water
  • Avoid choosing channels you are unable to see down.  
  • At least two side channels are completely blocked by logs.
  • Please make sure that all lifejackets, helmets, and thermal protection are correctly worn.
  • No duct tape or tethers are used to secure gear or a person into a boat, this presents a significant hazard should the boat capsize.

Kayak - Bike - Glen Ledge Campground

Bike Leg

  • The loop through Jackson Village is CLOSED this year
  • Bike traffic will head STRAIGHT up Route 16 to Pinkham Notch

Bike -Hike Transition - Directissima Parking Lot, Pinkham Notch

  • No change for 2019. Race support team parking only in this lot.

Ski Leg

  • All Ski Leg Racers are required to wear an avalanche beacon
  • Limited beacons are available for rent at registration
  • Hike-Ski Transition will be set out of avalanche terrain
  • We will have a beacon check as part of the transition zone



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