2012-09-15 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Attitash Grand Summit Hotel 
September 15, 2012


Attendance: Al Risch, Jake Risch, John Gorman, Dana Lee, Marc Hauser, Matt Serge and Naomi Risch.

The meeting was brought to order at 9:30 a.m.

1: Opening Remarks: Jake Risch

We had a great work session on the 25 th of August. Matt Serge took a group of volunteers up to the Gulf of Slides for brush cleaning. Jake, some Forest Service folks and some volunteers completed the replacement of the bridge decking on the bridge that leads to the Harvard Cabin. We had 10-12 volunteers overall. It was productive and we had a good showing for such short notice on the weekend.

The Forest Service is experiencing a two-year backlog on projects right now. This project was part of that backlog and we were ale to complete it for them. Jake is going to send a picture to Naomi to add to our Facebook Page for publicity. Pictures from the work weekend were shared on the screen.

The roof structures for the new avalanche boards have been completed. This winter they will be brought up on the cat and installed. We donated the money for the materials in order for them to be built.

We have a two day work session coming up on the 13 th and 14 th of October. We need to start getting the word out on that.

For the Annual Dinner, Tom Eastman has lined up Tom Ryan as our main speaker. He is the author of the book Following Atticus.

At the Boston Ski Show, Forest Service Snow Ranger Jeff Lane is going to be joining our booth this year. He will be speaking with people to get the word out about his program. The dates for this year are November 8 th through the 11 th . We are looking for folks to volunteer to be at the booth again this year.

There is a meeting on the 19 th about a potential project with Aura 360 at the Inferno this year. We will be participating in this meeting and they could potentially be featuring our organization and the event in a show based around the Mount Washington Valley.

2: Treasurer's Report: Rich Brauel (not present)

We currently have $6,900 in our checking account. There is still $1,000 outstanding from Jay Peak. Al went there and discussed it with them. He requested that they either send us the $1,000 or send our posters back. He will follow up with them.

There is currently an income gap in the membership department, but that is expected to be closed at the Boston Ski Show and the Annual Dinner.

We were down $3,500 from the budgeted revenue from the Inferno. We are also down $8,000 from our budgeted income for the year. We still have two more major fundraising events though and expect to make up the difference.

This afternoon we will discuss what we'll do going forward with our fundraising efforts. Also, we are still waiting on bad checks and a declined credit card from the Inferno. There is no update on that.

Projected Expenses: the dinner costs and the $ in and out for that. We will be running an advertisement campaign for the Tux Dinner and work weekend again this year. We are currently under budget for admin expenses so far and our supply cache has been re-stocked. We have $1,000 budgeted for the Trail Adoption Program but we haven't done anything with it yet. We were under budget on the Inferno, but we didn't make as much money on it because it was an off year.

Overall we are currently $1,200 over budget for the year.

John Gorman made a motion to accept the report, Dana Lee second and it was accepted.

3: Secretaries Report: Naomi Risch

Because Naomi wasn't at the meeting last time, Matt Serge took the notes. Everyone received them and there were no changes to be made.

John Gorman made a motion to accept the report, Dana Lee second and it was accepted.

4: Executive Director's Report: Al Risch

Al has been traveling around this summer. He just spent four days at the NSAA event at Sunday River. We took in $54 in donations. It wasn't about making money though and more about keeping our presence known within the industry. Overall it was a positive event.

We have posters for the Tux Dinner and tickets are now available. Al bought a table and anyone who wants to take tickets to sell are welcome to. Tickets are $50 per person or $400 per table. Al has been out collecting auction items again this year. We have a lot of the same vendors back on board again this year. He is now working on the ski areas for donations.

5: Marketing Committee Report: Naomi Risch

Naomi gave a presentation about our Social Media Campaign and the different ways we are using Facebook and Twitter to attract attention. We are currently up to 2,300 likes on Facebook and have over 550 followers on Twitter. We looked at the analytics of our audience and our posts on the screen and had a good conversation about what we're doing so far.

6: Membership Committee Report: Dan Houde (not present)

There was no membership update.

7: Fundraising Committee Report: Jake Risch

We are getting ready to send out an appeal letter this fall. We will speak further on this topic during the planning session following the board meeting.

8: Nominating Committee Report: Dana Lee

Nothing new here. We need to find a way to put it out there on Social Media and to attract fresh faces for the BOD.

9: Forest Service Liaison: Ted Sutton (not present)

Jeff lane has taken on the Trails Supervisor Position. This means he has a full time job now with the Forest Service as the Head Snow Ranger in winter and the Trails Supervisor the rest of the year. He would like to formalize the Adopt a Trail Program. This could mean expanding our trail work either through official trail days or certifying trail volunteers. We can discuss this more later on during the planning session. At one point we had adopted the Sherburne and the Gulf of Slides trails. Maybe that paperwork got lost in the mix.

There are a number of projects that have been mentioned to us by Chris to look at going forward. The deck at HoJo's needs to be replaced. The Forest Service would still like the donation of a snowmobile and a shed to house said snowmobiles. The idea has also been thrown out there for us to offset operational costs through direct cash donations. We need to look at which projects we'd like to focus on to support the Forest Service in the future.

10: Old Business:

We have Tom Ryan lined up as our guest speaker for the Tux Dinner. We will also be presenting two awards at the dinner. The Honoree for the Eastman Award is going to be Karen James. Al has someone picked out for his award and he is keeping this individual confidential. Naomi let everyone know that she wouldn't be able to attend the event this year due to prior obligations.

The reconciliation of the Executive Director's Expenses is still going on. Going forward we would like to keep that under wraps and have more oversight of the expenses. Rich emailed an itemized list of the expenses to Jake who will forward them to the BOD for further review. We need to approve these expenses so we can be in compliance with the ED contract.

We don't have a quorum today so we can't take action on this issue today. Matt Serge proposed we take a longer look at it and defer until we have a quorum at the next meeting.

11: New Business:

We need to get the word out about the work weekend in October so we can start recruiting volunteers. We also need to start advertising the Tux Dinner, especially over the Columbus Day Weekend.

Facebook: We could track people's involvement with our social media by holding a special raffle for folks who heard about the event through Facebook. We need a big incentive for this to work though. We will have to make a decision on that soon so we can start getting the word out.

For the Boston Ski Show, Jake will be sending out an email to request help from folks at the booth. Al will make sure it is okay for us to have a member of the Forest Service in our booth as well.

Marc Hauser made a motion to adjourn the meeting, John Gorman second and the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


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