2012-03-24 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
March 24, 2012
9:30a.m. - 11:05 a.m.


Attendance: Jake Risch, Al Risch, Donna Woodward, Naomi Risch, Tom Eastman, Jeanie Ryan, Dan Houde, Jessie McAleer, Ted Sutton, Jeff Leich, John Gorman and Matt Serge (phone in). (Advisory Board Member Matt Risch)


1. Opening and President's Remarks: Jake Risch

-Welcome! It has been an interesting winter so far with the snow, but we will have enough to pull off the event.

-So far we've had a strong showing for race teams with the inferno almost full. There is still room in both races though so we should get the word out.

-We're lined up well with volunteers but we could always use more if you know anyone. Note that anyone who plans to go up into the ravine to volunteer on race day will have to hike in and out. There isn't enough snow this year for a Cat ride.

-Spoke with the National Guard and they are on board again this year.

-We need to start focusing on projects that will directly support our mission. We're working towards a snow machine donation by approaching manufacturers to try to get what the FS wants. We also need a storage shed for the machine to be housed. Roofs need to be built over the new Avalanche boards to help them last longer. We'd like to expand the volunteer trail crew to a year round operation. For now we will expand to quarterly and down the road would like a monthly weekend dedicated to the maintenance work in the ravine and for the Forest Service.

-We're looking into two different fundraising sites to use through social media to boost our ability to raise donations. Ability Plus just raised $12,000 through their online site. We could also do an appeal letter in this way too.

2. Treasurer's Report: Rich Brauel

-Rich wasn't able to make it for the meeting and this report will have to be postponed.

3. Secretary's Report: Naomi Risch

-Naomi asked to make sure that everyone received the minutes and whether or not there were any changes that need to be made. No one requested any changes.

- Jake made a motion to accept the minutes, Ted second and the minutes were accepted.

4. Executive Director's Report: Al Risch

-Al has been skiing in Chamonix and had a great trip.

-Is working on permits right now. The town of Bartlett is all set and the DOT should be sending out its permit this week. We're currently waiting on the permit from the Forest Service so we can sign it and send it back to them. We've got the State Police down to two officers.

-A notice will be sent out this week to all of our volunteers. We'll be getting a race volunteer meeting together to get them organized. The meeting will be held at 9:00 at Wildcat the weekend before the race happens.

-This is one of our major fundraisers and we need more qualified help from the BOD and anyone who wants to sign up to lend a hand should.

-We need the BOD to come up with the Q&A pamphlet to have at the table at the AMC during race day for the general public to get more info on who we are and what's going on. We should include a map of the race course on the back of it. **Dan has volunteered to make this and Jake will send him the picture of the race course to add to it.

-We also need more knowledgeable people at the tent. Could also use this as an opportunity to have a meet and greet throughout the season to potentially gain more members.

-Jeff and Chris should be getting a Forest Service wish list to us soon.

-There are posters for people to take home with them and hang around town.

-It was suggested that we have the wish list posted on the web as well to get the needs more out in the open.

5. Marketing Committee Report: Naomi Risch

-FOTR currently has 2,115 fans on Facebook. This number is going up on a daily basis. We are currently and will continue to post the avalanche updates from the Mount Washington Valley Avalanche Center.

-Donna will be sending all Sponsor information so we can start highlighting them on FB and Twitter. Will highlight a new one or group every couple of days.

6. Membership Committee Report: Dan Houde

-We are currently working on increasing the value of our membership through our sponsors.

-Also developing the Google Calendar for the Organization so we can set a timeline for everything we want to get out to the media. This way we can have a clear idea of what needs to be done and when.

-Should we do an Inferno Ad in the paper to tell people what is going on and why that weekend?

-Also developing our Newsletter and Press Releases through Constant Contact. We need to send an email to our Members and do an online appeal letter. Also considering a traditional letter as well. This year we should be able to work ahead of our timeline on ad releases and get all of the information out so our outlets will have a good lead on the events we have happening this year.

-Dan will put an Advertising budget together for the year. Also we need to set up a meeting for our PR strategy and our Marketing strategy. We need to make our newsletter more visible so more people will sign up through the website.

-There was talk about an old newsletter that we had which was called the Ravine Review. Thoughts on starting it back up? We would need more regular content. Chris Joosen could have a column as part of it to update people on the Forest Service, quarterly.

-Ted: we need Chris to be more involved and to talk about what is happening and ask people for help. Ted talked to him about this and he said no problem. We just need to get in touch with him to get his thoughts to move forward.

-Al: Hart's Turkey farm is going to be catering our Banquet again this year. $12.99/plate and extra tickets will be sold for $16.00 each.

7. Fundraising: Jake Risch

-The Inferno is good.

-The next event is the Banquet and we need to set a date/time. Also need to start thinking about lining up a speaker and recipients for the Eastman Award.

-Jeff: The Ski Museum dinner is on Nov. 17th at Wachusett and the weekend before that is the Ski Show.

-Al suggested Lou Whitaker to come and speak.

-The later date worked well for us last year. We could potentially use the Red Fox as a location again this year.

-The Annual Banquet is set for Saturday, November 3rd barring any other conflicts.

-Ted will check on dates for the Fall work weekend and find a time for the Summer work weekend also.

-Board meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month on a quarterly basis. The meetings will be held as follows: June 16th, September 15th, and December 15th for 2012; and on March 16th, June 15th and September 21 for 2013.

8. Nominating Committee: John Gorman

-Looking for nominations for the Eastman Award for this year.

-Al will take care of the Al R. Volunteer Award.

-Naomi has a potential new nominee for the BOD. Will get back to John with his information if he is interested.

9. Forest Service Liaison: Ted Sutton

-Chris called a meeting with folks to talk about the organizations and the splits. Bill and FOTR don't want to start off on the wrong foot and should work together.

-The next meeting will be the Executive BOD and the FOMWAC Executive BOD to discuss our relationships etc.

10. Old Business:

-Chamonix Trip Update: The trip was successful. We presented to people and are trying for sponsorship and a team from Chamonix for next year. We had 14 folks participate including sponsors, athletes and members of the BOD.

11: New Business:

-The Executive Committee is working on a new contract with Donna. We need to have a preliminary vote for the contract for executive support.

-We've been negotiating with Donna on her payment and we all have agreed that she is an integral part of the organization but control is needed financially.

-It has been agreed by Donna and the Exec Committee that we will pay her $1000 per month for 12 months to do everything to make the organization run successfully.

-Ted made a motion to accept a contract that will reflect her role and compensation. Donna will continue doing her current work and the contract will be ready for full approval at the next BOD meeting. John supported the motion, Tom seconded and the motion was passed by all.

-Jeanie contacted the AMC about future work with them along with youth programs.

-Dan would like to put a go-pro on one team so we can put a video on the website.

-The next meeting will be on June 16th. Time and place to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

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