2011-06-18 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
June 18, 2011 - 3 p.m.


Attendance: Matt Serge, Ted Sutton, Naomi Risch, Donna Woodward, Jeannie Ryan, Bill Downey, Dana Lee, Marc Hauser, Jake Risch, Al Risch, Jessie Mcaleer, Rich Brauel, Dan Houde, Tom Eastman,  John Gorman, Bruce Doten

I: Opening of Meeting

        Meeting opened at 3:07 p.m.

A: Opening Remarks by President:

  1. Thanks to Bill Downey for obtaining the venue (The Wentworth by the Sea in Portsmouth, NH) and thank you to WBS for hosting us.
  2. Matt wanted to give more of an explanation as to why he decided to step down as president. He said it was partially personal and partially because his professional obligations have grown to the point where he feels he isn't as committed to FOTR as he needs to be.
  3. Matt said that it has been a good two years and he's enjoyed it. He thinks that the organization has made good strides but that there is still work to be done.
  4. In order to get to the next level we need to get deeper into the financials and make cuts to spending and boost revenue.
  5. Looking forward the president needs to lead the charge to help the organization continue to improve.
  6. NEW: the outgoing president will serve as Past President for one year to mentor the new president.

II: Officer's Reports:

A: Secretary's Report: Naomi Risch

  1. Everyone received the minutes from the prior meeting and there were no amendments.
  2. Bill made a motion to approve, Jake seconded and the report passed.

B: Treasurer's Report: Rich Brauel

  1. Rich handed out the statement on our finances and budget for 2011.
  2. We went over the cost and benefit of the Boston Ski Show and the Tuck's Dinner. Matt is hoping that the dinner will be more successful this year.
  3. Ted asked how much of a surplus we have at the end of the year and we discussed that the finances shown thus far are accurate through May 31st.
  4. Jake made a motion to approve, Bill seconded and the report was passed.

III: Committee Reports:

A: Marketing Report:  Bill Downey and Naomi Risch

  1. Naomi gave an update on the Social Media. There are over 1,800 Facebook fans and 500 fans on Twitter. We have a good base now and need to use these tools to garner more membership. Naomi wants to work with the Membership Committee to develop a membership drive to hold and also with PR to get the press releases etc. up on the page. We have a good opportunity to use them to our advantage now.
  2. Bill didn't have much else to add, saying that most of our work is done in the Spring and Fall.

B: Fundraising: Jake Risch

  1. The next event is the Tuck's Dinner. It will be held at the Attitash Ballroom on the 23rd of September, which is a Friday night. Cocktail hour will begin at 5:00 p.m.
  2. A poster for the event was passed around and tickets were available for board members to sell. We will be awarding the Eastman Award and the Volunteer Award on this night from now on.
  3. We would like to develop a Tuckerman Ravine Hall of Fame to help sustain the event in the long term.
  4. There will be an Exploratory Committee formed with FOTR, the Ski Museum, The MWObs, and the Ski Patrol to help put this together. The AMC was suggested also. It was also suggested that we invite the Governor and Alison Risch to help with the process as well.
  5. An invitation list needs to be put together for the event and any suggestions should be sent to Jake.
  6. This event will also have both live and silent auctions for which we need to get items donated.
  7. Naomi suggested a speaker as part of the nights entertainment. Some ideas were thrown around including Lou Whitaker and Jeff Leich.
  8. Jeanie said she would help with anything needed to help make it happen and that the information needs to be given to her asap so she can start promoting the event.

C: Membership:  Donna Woodward and Dan Houde

  1. We want to get to know our members better and this is why they have created an online survey to send out to the membership. Because Survey Monkey is very limited in the free version, it was suggested that we piggy back on the Purity Spring's account so we can get the survey out.
  2. It will be a Five minute survey and they are looking for suggestions from the BOD. Dan will send out a link so the BOD can look at it and help finalize the questions. Suggestions are needed by June 24th.
  3. The results will be ready for review by the next  BOD meeting.

D: P.R.: Jeanie Ryan and Tom Eastman

  1. Tom: we now have a media list on hand so we can use that instead of relying on our contact at the Chamber of Commerce to send out our press releases.
  2. Jeanie would like us to get more releases out to the press more often so they are more likely to attend our events. If we build a relationship with them they'll be more interested in our cause. This will help bring it all together and execute our media strategy and keep the FOTR brand alive.
  3. Chris Joosen sent out a letter detailing more of what our future role will be with the USFS. We need to get the story of the cuts and what they will mean out to the public.
  4. We need to stop the dead periods and have a constant stream of information flowing throughout the year.
  5. It was asked who is currently managing our website. Mark Friedman is currently doing that job and only Al, Donna or the President can contact him to make changes.
  6. Donna said that we need an updated website and it was suggested that we put together a website committee to make it more modern. The committee members are: Donna, Dan, Jeanie, Naomi and Bill.
  7. Bill said that there is a business down in Portsmouth that would donate their services to run our website for free.

E: Forest Service Liaison: Ted Sutton and Matt Serge

  1. We need to discuss the budget with the FS to determine how much need they have for the year. Jeff Lane is going to be taking Brian's place for the Work Weekend.
  2. This year's work weekend is going to be October 1st and 2nd.
  3. Donna suggested we contact the people from the Fryeburg Fair to offer free tickets to the fair for volunteers who work for our trail weekend. The weekend is scheduled for the opening weekend of the fair, and it might get more people to come out and help!
  4. We should invite the Forestry students from the local universities to come and participate.
  5. Bill wondered if the AMC would be willing to work with us around advertisement etc. Jeanie said she would get in touch with them.
  6. Jake asked if there is specific information on what the FS is looking for from us but there isn't yet and there needs to be a meeting with them first before it is decided.
  7. Ted said that there should be an Executive Committee meeting with Chris Joosen to go over the FS wish list.
  8. The race went great with the FS. We have developed a good relationship with them and were able to convince them to run the ski leg from Hillman's to the road this year. This sort of thing being successful will go a long way in continuing to build their respect for us as a serious organization.
  9. It was suggested that Chris Joosen speak at the Tuck's Dinner.

IV: Executive Director's Report: Al Risch

  1. Al passed around the printout of the Volunteer Award which will be given out at the Tuck's Dinner in September. It looked very nice.
  2. His cousin as designed the "trophy" which will be given along with the award.
  3. Al has decided to resign from the position of Executive Director. A proposal has been submitted for him to come on as a consultant for events etc. This is being reviewed.

V: Old Business:

  1. Bruce did a mailing with Donna to do a ski trip. 2 places were sold and it was agreed that anything over $2000 made would go to FOTR. He gave us a check.
  2. Thank you Bruce.
  3. He said he wants to continue to do this on his own and will work on inviting people from across the way to come and participate in our event.

VI: New Business:

1: ED Transitional Proposal:

  1. Al's transitional proposal was handed around to everyone. There were no decisions made today. We need to look at the budget to see where this will fit in.
  2. Al said that his letter was self explanatory. Not everyone got the letter so Donna said she would email it to the BOD.
  3. Matt is wondering whether or not we need to have the formal role of ED. He is in support of the new structure of the organization with Al as a consultant and wants to continue to redefine roles down through the rest of the org.
  4. The vote for approval on the budget and Al's proposal will be ready for the next BOD meeting.

2: Officer Elections:

  1. The nominating committee of Dana and John nominated the following people to the following seats: Chairman: Ted Sutton; Secretary: Naomi Risch; Treasurer: Rich Brauel. There were two candidates for the President's seat: Bill Downey and Jake Risch. After a vote through secret ballot by the BOD Jake Risch was elected the incoming president (Bill:6, Jake:8)

The next meeting will take place on September 24th. The time and place are TBA.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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