2011-03-19 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
March 19, 2011 - 9am


Attendance: Matt Serge, Rich Brauel, Naomi Risch, Ted Sutton, Bill Downey, Al Risch, Jake Risch, Marc Hauser, Dana Lee, John Gorman, Donna Woodward, Dan Houde, Jeannie Eastman, Tom Eastman, and Matt Risch.

Meeting Brought to Order at 9:15 a.m.

-Matt let everyone know that he wants to have a good brief meeting.

-Welcome back to Jeanie.

-The main thing on the agenda today is the Race. The agenda has been tweaked according the the by-laws which state that the Executive Director's report comes later in the meeting.

-Secretary's Report: Naomi Risch

  • Did everyone receive the minutes from the last meeting? Yes.
  • Any comments? No.
  • Jake made a motion to approve, Bill Second, and the minutes were approved.

-Treasurer's Report: Rich Brauel

  • The balance sheet for 2010 was handed out.
  • We currently have $9,400 in the savings, checking and money market accounts.
  • Accounts payable have been paid.
  • Our net income for 2010 was $12,000.
  • We received the $ for the Avalanche boards in 2009 and it was used in 2010 which shows a $1,800 deficit.
  • Budget: $4,700 surplus was budgeting which was exceeded with a $12,000 surplus. which is because people have been renewing their 10yr memberships.
  • 2011 Budget Projection is that we will break even.
  • We are drafting an annual appeal letter.
  • Bill asked if the surplus was expected and whether or not we got the same mountains to come through again. -Al stated that it was all the same mountains making the commitments but not all of them have come through yet. He will follow up with them in the coming weeks.
  • Matt asked how much we have in the bank-- Rich didn't know exact numbers but stated that we are in the black.
  • The Tuck's dinner has been put in the budget as well as the annual appeal.
  • Bill asked what the membership expense was-- Rich responded that it is decals, dinners, meetings, hats, patches, posters, printing etc.
  • Ted made a motion to approve, Jake second, the treasurer's report was approved.

-Committee Reports:

-Marketing: Bill Downey and Naomi Risch

  • Facebook: We have over 1500 fans and over 145 followers on Twitter.
  • Al- we used to have a discussion board for racers to communicate their needs team-wise.
  • We need to link the web page to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Donna asked if she should send an email to racers and members to "like" our pages? Yes
  • The BOD would like Naomi to forward the weekly Facebook stats to them.
  • Naomi wants to highlight sponsors but she needs email addresses for them.
  • Bill discussed some new sponsors: Timberland, Burton, Ramp Skis, Green Wax. Maybe EMS, Black Diamond and Tubbs may be in for next year.
  • Al suggested we do a Sunday event. a 10-15 year old Pentathlon with the events happening at the base of Wildcat to get the younger generation interested in the inferno.
  • Marketing and PR should set up meetings with newspapers to get the word out about what we're doing.
  • Tom said that he sent out a press release.
  • The additional Avalanche Board is going to be displayed at Portsmouth Kayak this summer.
  • Bill and Naomi attended the Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival this winter and gained one new membership along with giving out a lot of information.
  • There is great potential in an E-Store. and Christ Joosen gave Bill suggestions on how we can improve our brochure.
  • Ted- suggested that we need to emphasise our environmental protection and the work we do in the ravine.
  • Bill will be leading a brochure committee to develop something new.
  • Al- EMS invited FOTR to set up at an event in their store. Jake and Matt put together a proposal for an EMS sponsorship but it didn't come through. Bill suggested going directly through the North Conway store manager next year.
  • Bill- there is the possibility that we may have news channels documenting the race this year.
  • Bill and Ted will be getting together with the USFS to discuss plans for the race this year.
  • Marc wants to do some product testing and thought it would be a good idea to have a merchandise table this year.
  • More discussion on press was made and it was decided that we need to be talking with potential sponsors before December to have greater success in getting FOTR into their budgets.

-P.R. Committee Report: Tom Eastman and Jeanie Eastman.

  • Tom and Jeanie were hoping for Chris Joosen to be present to get his approval for their press release. Once he has given it they'll send it out. There are some options on where it will be sent etc.
  • April 1-4 is the Eastern Ski Riders Annual Meeting. Have we been in touch with them? Tom will be there and he will talk to them about FOTR and our Event. Al is lining up guides for them to Hermit Lake and further if they choose. We'll be hosting them on Mount Washington and in return we are hoping they will give us more recognition.
  • The press releases should be posted on Facebook and Twitter and the fact that we have FB and Twitter should be stated in them. Please email the press releases to Naomi when they're finished.

-Fundraising Committee: Al Risch and Jake Risch

  • The Tuckerman Inferno is Full. The Wildcat Wildfire remains open and has teams coming in.
  • Fundraising ideas: Using the prizes as a raffle instead of giving them all away to the winners. The top three will get a certain number of tickets and we'll sell tickets to the rest of the people at the banquet. We've had problems with making the prizes equitable across all categories and hopefully this will help solve them.
  • We will be giving winners commemorative glasses and trophies.
  • Ted- suggested we give out a lot of awards to help keep people engaged.
  • Matt Risch- stated that we need to advertise the change to the racers on registration night.
  • Dinner-- meeting with wildcat to go over the details. We've been offered $15/plate for them to cater, or we could spend less money and get more food with Hart's Turkey Farm. It was decided that we would go with Harts for the banquet.
  • Tuck's Dinner will be moved to the Fall. We will be moving all of our annual awards to this event and we'll be developing a new "volunteer" award to be given annually.
  • We need to develop a committee to plan the dinner. Matt gave the okay and said to report back in June. It wad decided that we would move the dinner to September.

-Race Stuff:

  • We're going to be changing the race transition in the notch so that the hike to bike transition will be in the Derritissema lot and the racers will cross our foot bridge. The Wildfire bike will be changing course as well. This year we will be color coordinating signs for each of the race to prevent any confusion on which direction each race is going.
  • Registration and Awards Banquet-- We should have a merchandise table to sell sleds, hats and t-shirts to raise revenue.

-Race Committee and Forest Report: Ted Sutton

  • Building Rel. to be very good. We need to meeting with Chris J to discuss the USFS wish list.
  • Left Gully looks good for snow and we're having a good response from volunteers in the Ravine. Overall the race is looking good.

-Nomination Committee: John Gorman

  • The Eastman Award by Ted, to which John, Tom and Jeannie are all in agreement. They are also happy with the idea of moving the award to the fall.
  • Brought up the idea that there should be another award given to people who contribute to FOTR specifically.
  • John Gorman made a motion to move the Tuck's Dinner to September 24th. Jake Risch second, all were in favor.
  • There was also a motion to move our Fall board meeting to the 24th as well which was passed.

-Membership Committee: Dan Houde and Donna Woodward

  • There was talk about where we stand and utilising the website more effectively. They also want to use the internet and to combine forces with social media to drive interest in FOTR.
  • We need to update information on the internet and also to increase the value of becoming a  paying member of the organization.
  • Dan wants to create a survey to find out more about our members to better leverage our sponsors to increase the incentives for people to pay for memberships and to better ourselves in all areas.
  • Matt S. asked what the Timeline should be to which Dan responded 3-4 months.
  • Al wants to invite all members to the BOD meeting in September as well as to the Tuck's dinner and he wants to include the sponsors as well.
  • It was decided that we would meet out of the BOD meeting to discuss this further.
  • Ted said that we need to have something "nice" to give our volunteers.
  • Bill said that Timberland might donate some t-shirts.
  • A motion was made to create a volunteer t-shirt. Bill second and the motion was passed. Bill volunteered to take responsibility for the t-shirt's creation.

Executive Director's Report: Al Risch

  • EMS night-- a call for help from the BOD. Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of April. An email will be sent out to ask people for help with managing the table.

Old Business: Matt Serge

  • Sent out an email with Policies etc that he wants to update and that he wants Al to adopt. Rich B made a motion to adopt the policies, Ted second and the motion was passed.
  • These policies will be made available as public documents.

New Business: Matt Serge

  • Matt will be stepping down as President in September. Anyone who is interested in taking over this position should notify the Nominating Committee.

The date for the next BOD meeting was set for Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. in Portsmouth, NH.

Meeting adjourned at 11:06 a.m.

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