2010-12-11 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
December 11, 2010 - 9am at Wildcat Mtn Lodge


Directors Present: Ted Sutton, Jeff Leich, Tom Eastman, Rich Brauel, Matt Serge, Bruce Doten, Bill Downey, Marc Hauser, Dana Lee, Jacob Risch,

Regrets: Jeanne Eastman Ryan, Matt Howard, Jesse McAleer, John Gorman

Advisory Board Members Present: Al Risch, Matt Risch, Naomi Risch,

Staff: Donna Woodward

Guest: Dan Houde,

USDA Forest Service present : Chris Joosen

With 10 Directors in attendance, there was a quorum present (9 are required).


1. Welcome and Introductions-Matt Serge

* Matt suggested that the board look at a strategic Plan and have a discussion. He handed out an outline he had prepared as well as a Committee Assignment/ Policy for 2011 and a General Governance Plan, all of which to be discussed at end of meeting.

2. Nominations of New Directors:

*Al nominated Dan Houde from King Pine. He was voted in and welcomed. Matt suggested he become the chair of the Membership committee.

* Bill Downey nominated Naomi Risch. She was voted in and welcomed. She volunteered and was appointed to become the new Secretary effective at the March meeting.

3. Secretary's Report-Donna Woodward:

*A motion was made to approve the minutes; the motion was seconded and the motion passed without dissent.

4. Treasurer's Report-Rich Brauel:

* Rich reported that the ten year sponsorships from the ski areas gave us a big boost resulting in about an $8,000- $10,000 surplus, giving us about $7,000 in the bank going forward for 2011 after roughly $1000 payable. He stated that next year it would be a challenge to break even. Breakout on other income accounts included about $30,000 from membership, $1000 from merchandising, and $45,000 from special events for the year 2010.

5. Executive Director's Report-Al Risch:

*Al reported that he had received about 5 boxes of books from Dave Esty and family. These books were the private library of Edward Tuckerman and have been gifted to FOTR. The Esty family did an appraisal and Al will follow up on getting that info. In the meantime these very fragile books will be stored until a home is found for them - possibly the ski museum. Donna on behalf of FOTR will send a thank you to the Esty family.

* Al passed around photos of the Boston Ski Show exhibit and reported that it was a successful weekend. He thanked the board members who volunteered. This year the membership was $35 with a $15 up charge to include a ski pass to the mountain of choice. This worked very well in building membership and revenue.

*Al had Donna send out a couple of revenue building messages to the membership: One was promoting the European ski trip with a ten percent discount to all FOTR members. So far there has been four responses to the mass mailing. The second promotion was a holiday special for new members to receive the same offer as the ski show - purchase a membership as a gift for $35 and get a ski ticket for $15. These two offerings not only will generate revenue but also demonstrates membership value. Al reports that we are also working on a merchandising project with Marc Hauser for sleds.

* Al has made plans to set up a table and sell memberships/ ski tickets at Bill Downey's event in Portsmouth on December 16 th . Efforts will continue until ski tickets are gone. We have about forty left at this time.

* There are two trade ski shows coming up that Al and Donna will be attending to solicit for sponsorship - one in Providence in Mid February and one in Manchester in March. There is also one at Mt Snow that will be considered.

* Thom Perkins and the Eastern Ski Writers have asked FOTR to be involved with their next press trip to Mount Washington area. Al told them he was disappointed in their lack of recognition of our last efforts when we did lunches for them and got them on the Mountain. He would like to get them guides and support but would like to be assured of some feedback and recognition. It is agreed we should continue to try and work with them.

* Al, Matt and Jake all met with the Forest Service to start formulating and preparing for the 2011 race. There was a bill for the State Police last year when service was not rendered due to weather. The bill was paid with a re-negotiation of policy and coverage for the 2011 race. Jake reported changes that will be made to move transition over the bridge and up the hill, which will cut back on road parking and activities. The future plan is to expand parking area for more off street parking. State Police and Forest Service Permit Officer, Tom Moore, were pleased with this plan. Result will require less coverage by State Police. Al asked that board members step up and volunteer to help with crowd control and parking the day of the race.

* Most of the ten-year ski areas have come o board with their $1000. Al is chasing down the last few (Cannon, Brettonwoods, and Jay Peak)> Loon and Shawnee are making installment payments.

6. Marketing Committee/PR Committee -Bill Downey

* In conjunction w/Fire on The Mountain Ski Shop, Bill is offering a "Skiing The Backcountry" seminar.an orientation and gear fitting... this is part of the renewed efforts for Educational Outreach. Dec 16th 6p @ PKA.

* Working on creating and the implementation of a quarterly FOTR newsletter.

* Has access to a 3 liter insulated backpack dispenser to utilize for marketing purposes. The thought is to give away coffee at events and also handout literature to promote awareness and increase membership

* Working on a feasibility study on adding an e- store (electronic store) to our website. Will keep us posted on results and opportunities.

* Looking into having a presence in The Eastern Slope Inn, next to the Ski Museum.

* Plans to do a complete inventory of all marketing material, and establishing a budget.

* Working w/several companies as potential sponsors.

* Working w/fundraising committees creating added Value on possible fund raising event. I.E. creating & selling signs related to Mt Washington such as The Headwall, Left Gully, etc

7. Membership- Donna Woodward

Membership is growing strong with the new database very clean and efficient. The results of a successful Ski Show membership drive brought our membership "in good standing" to about 950 and growing.

8. Fundraising - Bruce Doten

* Bruce reported that he sold ski passes (that had been donated as a fundraiser to FOTR) for $500. He paid Al's commission of $75 so the whole $500 could go into FOTR account. With help from Donna he mailed out 400 flyers of special offerings to members to help generate income from a European trip. Again, he paid $167 out of his pocket for the postage for mailing. Income from this mailing he plans to split with FOTR.

9. USFS Update-Chris Joosen

* Report forthcoming from Chris. It was a detailed presentation and due to the noise in the room and distance from speaker Donna was unable to get all the info for proper presentation in minutes.

10. New Business - Matt Serge

a) Committee Assignment

* Finance- Rich (C), Jeff and Ted

* Marketing/PR - Bill (C), Naomi, Jeanne, Tom, and Marc Hauser

* Fundraising - Jake (C), Al, Jessie, Bruce

* Nominating - John (C), Dana

* Forest Service Liaison - Ted (C), Roger

* Membership - Dan (C)

(President serves as ex-officio on all)

b) Policy Structuring

Matt briefed over the "nuts and bolts of the 2011 preparation lists that he had created. He asked that everyone become familiar with the list of strategic planning questions for future discussion. He stress that the clarity and structure of FOTR is critical as the NH Center for Non-Profits has become more focused on enforcing governing policies. We must be sure we know and adopt the proper policies such as conflict of interest, whistle blowing, retaining documents, fiscal, etc. We need to have our committee assignments and policies in place. We need to clean up and outline our by-laws and amendments.

Matt stated that he would like to have a review of expenses to see if adjustments needed to be made as well. More will follow from Matt.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:45am

Next Meeting will be March19th 9AM at King Pine in Madison, NH


Prepared by

Donna Woodward

Interim Secretary


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