2010-10-02 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
October 2, 2010 , Legends Room - ESI, North Conway, NH
9 PM- 8:15 PM


Directors Present: Matt Serge, John Gorman, Ted Sutton, Rich Brauel, Jake Risch, Bill Downey, Marc Hauser, Dana Lee

Advisory Board & Staff Present: Al Risch, Naomi Risch, Erik Corbett, Donna Woodward, Josh Lemon (volunteer)

With the reorganization of the board it was determined that a quorum was in place with eight present


I. Opening of the Meeting:

Matt opened with a report on the workday stating that nine volunteers showed up and the day was very productive (cleaned brush, new signs and postings). There was discussion with Chris Joosen about a second work weekend possibly in June and how this would create even more visibility. Matt mentioned that there were also other things in the works as well.

Matt talked about looking toward 2011 with a pro-active board. It is time to have a strong, involved board and weed out any that are not on board. He wants to turn on the engine - hit the gas and move forward with good energy and enthusiasm


II. Officers Reports:

A. Secretary's Report: Donna

At the last meeting Donna offered to be acting secretary so to relieve Jeff of his obligation after a long over-due request to step down as secretary. The minutes were circulated by email and are also posted on the website. Jake moved to accept the minutes as presented on the website.

B. Treasurer Report: Rich Brauel

Rich reported that we have taken in $9200 - spent $9500. With the Second Decade Ski Areas Support we current have received $12,000 which brings us into a higher budget than anticipated with $13,000 surplus. He reports that we are within our established budgets in all accounts. It was suggested by Bill Downey that we post the treasurer's reports on line at some point for only board members to see. John moved to accept the treasurer report as presented.

C. Executive Director's Report: Al

Al has been actively polling inactive directors and asking them to move to the Advisory Board to make room to bring new directors. Al uses the Advisory board and feels they will be valuable to him there. John Egan and Matt Howard are the two so far that have switched over.

Al reported that he has had Donna busy doing a lot of mailings and personal contacts to members, ski areas, and sponsors. The data base of members continues to go through updates, corrections, and changes in an effort to be more efficient. Billing and thank you's have been sent to the 21 ski areas for Second Decade sponsorship and requests for ski tickets have been mailed to all ski areas for our membership drive at the Boston Ski Show. Al will be making personal contact with any and all that have not responded in a timely manner to follow up on all requests and to keep a visible relationship solid.

Al spoke of the loss of valued 10 year volunteer, Steve Phanuef to liver failure recently. Steve was Chair of the kayak phase of the Pentathlon and well connected to the local kayak clubs. He will be greatly missed and Al sees this as a great segway into developing a Volunteer of the Year Award and suggested we consider naming the award in Steve's honor. It would be a great way to thank volunteers. Ted suggested we come up with a plan for the award and discuss the detail in committee. Al mentioned he has someone he would like to nominate for consideration when the time was right and the committee is ready. It was clarified that the proper protocol would be for all nominations to be given to the award's committee and they would select their choice and give to the Exec Board for approval.

Al than stated that with Tom Eastman unavailable for media work that someone needed to step up for the public relations requested from the Boston Ski Show Production. They are requesting an outline of details for their press releases on what Friends of Tuckerman will be presenting at the show and an up-to-date summary of mission and events to be announced. Bill Downey volunteered to create the media presentation for the show.

Al stated that - The Gibson/ Woodbury Charitable Foundation - would be holding a special reception and informational meeting on October 8th for Executive Directors of 501-C3 organization in the Mt. Washington Valley and Western Maine who may become future grant recipients. Al and Ted Sutton (Matt can't be there and asked Ted to go in his place) agreed to attend and bring back information for possible grant opportunities for FOTR. John suggested that they include Donna as well as she will likely be involved in the details of future grant requests.


III: Committee Reports:

A. Marketing: Bill Downey

Bill reports that a structure for marketing is in process and is working toward housing everything under one roof as a goal to better track, maintain, and control. He mentioned getting some cool films and expand on what is already happening at the Kayak store. He stated that Al got a call from an organization "everything green" and that he and Al will be featured on their website. Getting into as many publications as possible is key to greater visibility and growth. He also suggested that we consider doing small merchandising to create a bigger impact at a low cost. Naomi explained what she has been doing to spread awareness and build interest in FOTR through facebook and twitter. She has been managing a fan base since March and reports it has generated a tremendous amount of interest with the online community. Currently the fan base is over 1300 and largely from the united States. She suggested we consider a membership drive in the fall on facebook, bringing as many of our fans as possible into the membership data base. She asks that the board consider some incentives such as first time, new member discounts if the join through facebook. She also stated that we need to link our facebook page to the website page.

B. Fundraising: Jake Risch

Matt asked that Jake and Hannes come up with five ideas for fundraising in the next couple of weeks and send them to the Exec. Board. Jake said he had visited some of the ski areas and that he has been forming a video DVD plan with educational value but was being mindful to respect and honor other organizations that have similar ideas and missions especially those that revolve around avalanche awareness and classes. He is working out the details on a possible educational piece for MWV students and young adults (ages 15-30) in search and rescue.

C. Finance/ Budget: Rich Brauel

Rich stated that the Gibson/Woodbury Grant application deadline was November 15th and that grant writing is on hold with Linda Knox Phillips until we have a wish list to present to her. Rich plans to do a budget review in late October and do monthly quick books reports.


IV: Forrest Service:

Matt talked with Chris Joosen after the work weekend. Chris said he would have someone for the board to replace David Neeley by the December meeting. He will also get a wish list together with short and long term needs and costs that the Forest Services has for future projects.

Ted said he has been working with the Forest Service for over 25 years and that in the past there was some hesitation, questions, and uncertainties of the credibility of FOTR. He stated that we have made major strides in proving our credibility, sustainability, and follow-thru with them. Emails and correspondence show that we have earned their respect and approval and they have truly come around to the idea of working with us, as we have become a viable organization in their eyes and we can be proud of that achievement.

Signs and recognition for the accomplishments made by FOTR in the ravine has been discussed. Ted suggested the Forest Service create a policy for giving recognition for organization that would be universal. Al stated that he had a long discussion with Chris about signage and Chris is looking into the possibility of a main board that has changeable slots to denote recognition for on-going deeds of goodwill, assistance, and accomplishments.


V: Old Business:

A. Membership data: Donna

Donna reported that we have completed a full year cycle with the membership data base and that it is clear of out dated and un-renewable names. All that are currently on the data base now are active, renewable members. Currently our membership list totals about 600.


VI: New Business:

A. Grant Writing:

Linda will be on board as soon as we have a wish list for her to work on. Al and Ted will bring back a report on the Gibson/ Woodbury meeting for future consideration for application

B: Nominations for Board of Directors:

Al nominated Dan Houde, Marketing Director of King Pine Ski Area

Bill Downey nominated Naomi Risch. It was suggested that the board look for three things from the prospective future members; A statement of interest, a bio, and a letter of support.

C. Next Meeting:

Dec 11, 2010 at Wildcat Mountain Base Lodge at 8:30AM


VII: Meeting Adjourned: 8:15pm


Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Woodward
Exec. Admin.

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