2010-06-19 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
June 19, 2010 , Zimmermann's Mountain Sports, North Conway
9:10 - 10.45 AM


Directors present: Matt Serge, Rich Brauel, Bill Downey, Hannes Schneider, Jake Risch, Stefan Hausberger, Roger Damon, Jeff Leich

Advisory Board & Staff present: Al Risch, Donna Woodward

With 8 members present, a quorum was not in place (9 are required).

Next Meeting: October 2, 2010 at Pinkham Notch in combination with the work weekend. Check the website for updates.

I. Opening of Meeting: Matt Serge
With no quorum present, Matt proposed turning the meeting into a work session. Hannes made a motion to close the meeting and move to a working session. Bill seconded the motion which passed without opposition.

II. Board Member Participation:

*Matt reported on a meeting of the Executive Committee and discussed the level of participation of board members. Unless more directors turn out for board meetings, nothing will get accomplished.

*A list of committees was circulated for members to join. All directors are asked to get involved with at least one committee; this was a decision taken at the recent Executive Committee meeting. There are issues that need attention and Matt hopes that everyone will step up.

III Officer Reports

A. Secretary's Report: Jeff Leich:

*The minutes were circulated by e-mail and are also posted on the website.
* Matt requested that someone step up and act as taker of minutes at board meetings beginning in September, as the present secretary has made known his desire to step aside. Donna will serve until a permanent secretary can be recruited.

B. Treasurer's Report: Rich Brauel

*Between the Inferno, Wildfire, 10 th anniversary banquet and silent auction, revenue has been strong this year. The 2010 budget projects a net income of $4600. Can this performance be repeated in following years?
*We are entering the lean part of our year until revenue picks up in the fall with the ski show and Seacoast event. There is currently $4342 in the checking account.
*There are 880 members in good standing. Donna has winnowed the member list down from 2,000, weeding out those whose dues are far overdue. We can now track how long members have been part of the organization.*Expenses have been generally the same as last year. Rich gave details on the Professional fees account, the largest amount of which is $12,000 for office support.
*Rich, Donna and Jeff will coordinate in extracting data from the membership database on issues like the monthly fluctuations in dues revenue.
*Rich reported that he has a contact, Linda Fox Phillips, who does grant-writing. Her slow period is in the summer, and Rich suggested that the Executive Committee meet with her to discuss potential grant requests. An updated list of project priorities will be requested from the Forest Service by the Forest Service Liaison Committee.

C. Executive Director's Report, Al Risch:

*Al reported that he is working on the second decade of the 10-year corporate membership program, in which ski area corporate members commit for that period and receive posters that they can turn into revenue. Fifteen resorts have reported they will stay with the program, while 5 have already paid their dues.
*Hats, pins, patches are all out of stock, and there has been a call for a new brochure. Al does not know where funding for these projects can come from. Bill suggested that we need a priority list.
*Al showed a poster that lists the benefits of membership, including 10% discounts to FOTR members offered by Zimmermann's, Flatbreads, Portsmouth Kayak, and the Wildcat Tavern when customers show their member cards.
*Stefan suggested we publish a rack with a member card attached that retailers like Zimmermann's can sell at their point of sale.
*Al suggested that projects funded by FOTR, notably the footbridge, well and avalanche boards, should have appropriately-sized signs with the group logo noting that these improvements were provided by FOTR.
*There is still 1 avalanche board (of 3) for which we have not yet received revenue.

IV. Committee Reports

A. Marketing Committee: Bill

*Stefan made the suggestion that Al's project list be sent to all board members.
*Bill noted his concern that with Tom and Jeannie inactive for the moment due to personal circumstances that an opportunity for press releases around the avalanche board replacement project is being missed. Is there a sympathetic writer that can be found for this, as well as for a seasonal newsletter until Tom returns?
*Donna reported that a seminar for young professionals is concluding on Wednesday June 23, and some non-profits will be present to recruit potential board members. Donna will represent FOTR there. If she finds interested people they can be recommended to the Nominating Committee by any board member.

B. Committee Formation
*The following committees, listed with their active members, are being activated or revitalized. Matt and the Executive Committee request that directors sign up for one within the next 2 weeks:
*Finance: Rich Brauel, Jeff Leich
*Marketing: Bill Downey, Tom Eastman, Jeannie Ryan-Eastman, Stefan Hausberger
*Fundraising: Hannes Schneider, Jake Risch
*Nominating: Bob Ackland, Jeff Leich
* Forest Service Liaison: Ted Sutton, Matt Serge.

V. Adjournment

*The working group meeting concluded at 10:45 .


Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Leich

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