2009-09-19 minutes

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
September 19, 2009 at Pinkham Notch Camp


Directors Present:  Matt Serge, Rich Brauel, Marc Hauser, Bill Downey, Dana Lee, Vince Tully, Jessie McAleer, Chris Thayer, Bruce Doten, Hannes Schneider, Jeff Leich.

Advisory Board Members Present: Al Risch, Matt Risch

USDA Forest Service present: Chris Joosen

With 10 Directors in attendance (and Dana Lee, who was elected during the meeting), there was a quorum present (9 are required).

I. Welcome and Introductions-Matt Serge: 
Matt welcomed all to the meeting and thanked all who helped on the day's trail work above HoJos, which gave some good exposure to the group.

II. Officer Reports
         A. Secretary's Report-Jeff Leich
The minutes of the last meeting were posted on the website. Hannes Schneider moved to accept the minutes; Vince Tully seconded the motion, and it passed on a unanimous vote.

         B. Treasurer's Report-Rich Brauel:

*There is $3900 in the checking account, though this is offset by accounts payable and loans to Al and Jake Risch. The remaining assets are illiquid. Expenses since the last meeting exceeded revenue, and the annual deficit is now $4900.

*Vince Tully noted the increase in the furniture and equipment account since 2008. Al explained that this is due to the purchase of a laptop for Donna Woodward and for the 62" TV that is used at events. Jake donated $1,000, and the TV was purchased at cost, though without a vote of the board.

*Rich noted that a lot of things have been done right and for immediacy and spoke to the need for a revived executive committee to make decisions between board meetings.

*Al repeated what he has said before-that he will not work with an organization that does not pay its bills, so when necessary he loans the group funds out of his pocket.

*Bruce Doten moved to accept the Treasurer's Report. Hannes Schneider seconded, and the motion passed on a unanimous vote.

         C. Executive Director's Report-Al Risch:
*There is a new sponsor on the horizon, Zimmerman's Sports, which operates four outdoor stores including one in North Conway. They have offered to sell FOTR merchandise in their stores with 5% returned to the organization. Owner Stefan Hausberger will purchase one of the avalanche signs and display it in the North Conway store.

*There was discussion on the potential for fundraising using the other avalanche condition signs. Revenue raised this way would be subject to the contract with Al that allows him 15% of income.

*The new avalanche signs will be financed with $2500 raised, and through donations of materials and labor from area lumberyards and contractors. The Forest Service will do the routing of the slat boards.

*Plans for a summer hike and scavenger hunt modeled on Seek the Peak have been tabled until a suitable route can be agreed upon. There was discussion about potential summer fundraising events.

III. Committee Reports

         A. Marketing Committee/PR Committee- Bill Downey

*Bill likes the idea of a 5-year strategy for the organization. He recommends we focus on increasing membership, and started an e-newsletter for members. He is working with Tuckerman Brewing on a plan that will give renewing members a disk good for a free Tuckerman beer.

*He has liaison people picked out for member events in different locations. A Seacoast event is planned for the end of October. He also is thinking of trying to find donated space in downtown North Conway for the group.

*There will be an annual appeal letter this fall, once a problem with the office computer is resolved. Matt would like to see 100% board participation in this, if even a token amount, and may offer a larger personal donation if that figure is achieved.

         B. Membership

*Donna is sending out the monthly membership renewals as their renewal comes due. Sally Baldwin resigned from the board and hence from the membership committee.

*Vince commented that an e-newsletter would be a great membership benefit. Chris Joosen said that a regular snow ranger's report for the e-newsletter might be arranged.

*Al talked of his desire to have a video production that would present a safety message in a form that would get attention from younger ravine visitors.

         C. Nominating Committee-Jeff Leich:

*Two nominations were received, and the nominators spoke for the candidates.

*Marc Hauser recommended Dana Lee, who has taken footage of the Infernos for a number of years.

*Bill Downey nominated Stefan Hausberger, owner of Zimmerman's Sports/

*Jesse McAleer made a motion to approve the slate of two candidates. Bruce Doten seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

IV. Unfinished Business

         A. USFS Memo of Understanding:

*Chris Joosen reported that the Memorandum of Understanding between the Forest Service, FOTR, AMC and the Mt Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol has been signed by FOTR and awaits approval by the other two groups.

*Chris also noted that the parking lot project at Pinkham is almost complete. About 75 to 80 parking spots were lost due to the narrowing of the driveway and the ends of the lots.

         B. 10th anniversary Ski Safari-Bruce Doten

*Bruce made a proposal to offer a 9-day ski trip to the Tyrol to benefit FOTR. The dates will be March 25 to April 3, 2010 and include 3 nights in St. Anton, and skiing on the Solden Glacier. Bruce has quite a bit of experience organizing trips such as this. The cost would be around $2500. There would be no cost to FOTR, and Bruce will donate his cut to the group. He proposes the event be launched at the Seacoast event and advertised at the Boston Ski show. His target numbers would be between 25 and 30.


V. New Business

         A. Executive Committee

*Matt appointed an Executive Committee comprised of Matt Serge, Al Risch, Rich Brauel and Bill Downey.

         B. Truck and Cargo Trailer lease:

*Al discussed the lease of a truck and cargo trailer from Jake Risch. The trailer is used to store and transport the growing collection of gear needed to operate the Son of Inferno.

VI. Adjournment

*Rich moved to adjourn; Jesse seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Next Meetings:

          Saturday December 19, 2009
          Saturday March 20, 2009

Jeff Leich, Secretary


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