2009-03-14 minutes

as recorded by Bruce Doten on March 14, 2009
Androscoggin Ranger Station 9:00AM

Present: Dave Esty, Rich Braul, John Gorman, Matt Serge, Bill Downey, Vincent Tulley, Hannes Schneider, Tom Eastman,  Ted Sutton, Bruce Doten, Dave Neely, Al Risch, Chris Thayer, (Jeannie Ryan by telephone) FOTR EA - Donna Woodward

President, Dave Esty opened the meeting by addressing the appointment of Exec. Admin., Donna Woodward with praise of her work and thanks to Al for her recruitment. He reinforced his plea for 100% Board participation in accruing funds for her salary, stressing the need for all Board members to donate under the scrutiny of outside donors who insist they will give in assessing the process of attracting other grants and corporate giving.

Referring to ending his term as FOTR President, Dave said: "I want to stay on the Board following my term, remaining as a participant in one of several Tuckerman entities." He stressed "first and foremost the AMC, Tuckerman Ravine Ski Patrol, Harvard & Dartmouth Ski Clubs. With all the disparate organizations, a memorandum of understanding is necessary and forthcoming. Dave Neely, USFS, will later explain the relationships of these organizations with the White Mtn Nat'l Forest is about to be codified.

John Gorman moved and Bob Acklund seconded a motion (passed) that the treasurer's report be accepted as a preliminary budget which includes in part: $600 Amy Welsh; $8000 Donna [email protected] $1000 a month; $1000 plus $1500($2500) for Wingman computer software expenses and $1000 stewardship capabilities.

Under USFS up-date, Dave Neely stressed the need for formalizing inter-organization relationships in the Cutler River drainage. He stressed the need for: "A Memorandum of Understanding necessary for formulating inter-organizational relationships among the USFS, FOTR, Tuckerman Ski Patrol and AMC". Dave's goal is to have a draft at the end of March 2009 stating that we are no trailblazing with the memorandum and that others have these memoranda, which benefit the public and the organizations.

Dave Esty spoke of the matter of corporate giving to the Friends' organization: Merrill Shoe and Burton Snowboards are being recruited in the contribution pipeline with possibilities of discount buying by all FOTR members and that to survive gallantly, this organization needs to be member-driven.

Rich Braul reported" $1735 in the bank at the end of 2008 with $100 in accounts receivable from charitable or corporate members and $3000 as a receivable from a website. The current FOTR balance of funds is made up of sources that include: $2098 deficit net income from 2008 and is raising Donna's Salary. Rich projects a FOTR deficit of $5200 this year. Rich clarified last meeting's minutes by saying although we are ahead of prior projections we shall still have a deficit. Bruce Doten asked whether Inferno entry fees were properly established as affordable by participants and were entrants subscribing to the fees. This drew a resounding yes. A motion then passed to accept the secretary's report from last meeting.

The discussion returned to s codification of relationships with the NFS and the USFS partnership with other organizations and a focus on a deficiency which occurs when four season relationships are lacking, the thought being that we must have a presence in the other three seasons.Returning to finances and giving, Dave Esty remarked "While charitable giving is down 47% in America, Donna comprehends we should be a member-driven organization and is wholehearted working to strengthen and develop membership. Dave observed that the broader mission of all organizations have a down turn in funding.

Dave Neely spoke about $1.15 Billion in funding for the US Forest Service whose distribution is uncertain following an $8 Billion budget request including a local request for $.5 Million for three projects.

Al has completed his up-dated Operating Plan leading to a permit for the Inferno 2009 and reports $1000 in cash-on-hand, $2500 from Adventure Suites as $1000 cash and $1500 in rooms, plus $5000 from Badger Realty. Travel to three states is promoting FOTR and its Inferno and Wildcat Wildfire races via posters. The Wildfire race will be filmed and promoted on RSN-TV using five cameras at the five transition zones. There is a certainty of BIG SCREEN TV viewing the race highlights by participants and attendees. He admonished the Board "Don't go back to the well excessively for the Avalanche Board Project, while being sure the project touts locals with recognition and thanks. Hannes praised the FOISE Foundation for its gift of $1500 cash as part of the $2500 raised as a "Huge lumber entity".

Rich Braul spoke about having fundraising language point toward general development in promulgating a "general fund" and the "importance of listing individual donors on our website.

Regarding individuals, Donna reported about seven hundred active members while praising FOTR excellent relationship with Gene Dunneuben (Wingman). She will try to direct other non-profits to him as a way of showing our appreciation. Further marketing efforts include work with Independent Color Press of Ossipee NH providing our color brochure, decal and FOTR patch. Regarding press the Portland Press Herald will write about FOTR and this year's Inferno, having a vested State-of-Maine interested in our race. Tom Eastman reported that the "Valley Fun" newspaper supplement features the Toni Matt and its legacy and urged a visit to YOURTUBE in reference to the Daily Sun coverage.

Race Committee - Donna reported 26 teams including 23 Tuckermen, 3 all-ladies team entries, while Al stressed the number of local permits FOTR needs for the Inferno, particularly local towns and NH Department of Safety. This year FOTR must have 4 armed police due to the safety issues in parking lots and congested race venues. Discussion followed on the need for revising some components of FOTR's Operating Plan to protect against liability, including eliminating any sections of the plan providing for rescue-sled placement atop Tuckerman Ravine. By motion, seconded by Tom Eastman, Matt Serge and Ted Sutton were designated to revise current Operating Plan language so as to reduce FOTR liability while being mindful that bullets 1, 3 and 5 were not problematic and that inherent-risk awareness is paramount. Ted addresses liability exposure in the current FOTR Operating Plan document, stressing that the whole section concerning who is qualified to disallow continuing in the race by unqualified participants needs to be revisited. He stressed that NH laws address skier risks, and FOTER must eliminate risk of lawsuits in its Operating Plan, which is faulty in its weeding-out mechanism giving too much liability to FOTR. Ted also asked for volunteers to control traffic at Ho-Jo's on race day. Al stated that there would be a volunteer meeting on March 29 at 11am at Wildcat. Further to race support, Hannes solicited from K-2 Ski Company, a pair of K-2 OBSETHED super-advanced 2010 skis which he suggested be raffled off at the Inferno banquet.

Closing business and comments in rapid-fire:

Safety: Dave Neely USFS is satisfied with safety precautions. FOTR will be responsible for paying police. Dave stressed the overlying layers of complexities.

Steve Eastman Award - Committee is Jeannie Eastman-Ryan, Tom Eastman and John Gorman. John reported that award preparation and chosen recipient was on schedule and going great.

Bob Ackland launched a discussion of FOTR by-law changes, supported by several members present:

1)     1) Change annual FOTR meeting to the fall each year

2)     2) Provide for the outgoing FOTR President to be a 2-year voting Board member

3)     3)Add the position of FOTR Board Chairman

A caveat: Caution should be exercised in involvement with fundraising in relationship to POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES (PAC's) whereas such activities allies FOTR with elected officials which is to be avoided.

Al Risch noted that the Manchester Trade Fair, March 19 & 20th is the last pre-Inferno opportunity to fundraise. He urged taking advantage and perhaps membership gains at the NH National Guard Training Weekend when Guards participation in traffic control will be discussed on March 28th at 10am in the Eastern Slope Inn. He reminded all that the volunteer meeting is set for Wildcat on the 29th and that our FOTR June meeting is scheduled at 8am in the AMC facility, Pinkham Notch.

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